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How long does an Obligee have to file a claim against a bond for a project terminated for no cause?

State/Local contract was terminated for No Cause. How long does the "Owner" have to return our Performance and Payment bond?

Slander and false imprisonment

What kind of lien would I file on a business that has slander my name and false imprisonment

Will my lien be valid if the job address listed is different than the job address on the prelien?

We do equipment rentals. The job address we were provided is an address that the county says doesn't exist yet, but we didn't know that when the prelien was sent. We think this is a new development, so the address we were given might be a planned address for after it's developed....

Does Nevada require General Contractors to file a notice of commencement?

if so, could you provide their NOC template? i could not find any information regarding this online. Also, Do all NOCs require the same infomration?


In Nevada you have 6 months to enforce lien. What do you do to enforce it?

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What You Need To Know About Construction Payment in Nevada

This page helps you find answers to all of your questions about construction payment in Nevada. Learn how documents such as pay applications, notices, contracts, lien waivers, mechanics liens, and more fit into Nevada ‘s construction payment process. Select a document to learn more about how it applies to construction projects in Nevada and to see your specific requirements.

It’s essential to exchange these documents when payments are flowing smoothly and when payment problems arise. These resources will help you navigate the payment process, increase visibility and communication, and avoid payment issues. But, if the need arises, they can also help you resolve payment problems and get paid what you earn.

If you need more information or can’t find the answer to a question, you can ask a licensed attorney for free and get a response fast.

Need help figuring out what document you need? Take a quick quiz and find out what the Nevada requirements say you need to send next.

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