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Joan Elmore

Levelset has been so worth it. Collecting all of those payments, and the mental freedom I’ve gained, have made my work so much easier.”

Joan Elmore, HR & Accounting Specialist
Glass & Glazing Company

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Only 36% of construction companies survive the first five years of business because of cash flow problems.
Subs and suppliers who use Levelset don't have that problem. Watch these videos to learn how they are finding success!

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Business owners are achieving growth

In a time when our industry feared the worst, Levelset helped us grow our business and set us up for long-term growth. All of our big accounts receivable problems are from before we started using Levelset. We just wish we would have started sooner.”

Charley Coury | CEO of 9Wood
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AR managers are getting their companies paid

Now, I know we’re going to be paid and on time. If not, we know we have steps to take and people behind us to help us take those steps. I don’t have to worry anymore.”

Wendy Hilton | AR Manager at Concrete Related Products
Concrete Related Products

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