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We have a $46,115.00 contract to supply labor services only at a new construction Hampton Hotel in Rancho Cucamonga. Our CA. license #823132. We started work in Oct. 2021. We did not file a pre-lien. We have completed our contract work but have not received payment on any of our invoices. Due to the fact that this contract was for labor only, are we entitled to file a lien?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
The project engineer said to use the jobsite address that the prelim will be filed on since that will give them more control but not sure if it needs to the the home office of the GC...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
how does a prelim work on equipment rentals?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
Hello. I am looking for a construction job in the USA. I am geographically located in Ukraine....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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New YorkBack ChargesConstruction ContractPayment DisputesPreliminary Notice
I’m being forced to pay project manager under the table for work received and when I finally confronted him I stopped receiving work and been waiting on final payment Homevestors franchisee ...Read More
Joshua Fontenot
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LouisianaConstruction ContractLawsuitLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsPreliminary NoticeRetainage
We failed to send a prelim within the first 20 days of work performed, and want to now file, but not sure what way to go with it? Thank you...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
The plumber I hired had a mitigation specialist come to my house to assess water damage and I signed documents for them to run a claim through my home insurance. Within 48 hours they wanted to demo my kitchen and bathroom before my claim was approved. I emailed company and called stating I wanted their equipment removed from my house and no longer wanted them to work on my home. I received a 20 day preliminary notice. I am in AZ. What does this mean? Should I be concerned that they have a lien on my house? I asked for a detailed invoice, but have not received it. The preliminary notice states $3000 for equipment and materials. What do I do?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaPreliminary Notice
I'm a subcontractor working for a general contractor on a commercial project. I filed a Notice to Owner on time, but I didn't realize until now that the Notice to Owner listed the job name as the general contractor - instead of the actual general contractor, who is my customer. The general contractor isn't on the NTO at all, and I didn't realize it until now, many months past the 45 day deadline, so I don't think I can refile. Now the owner wants an unconditional final lien release, even though I haven't been paid in full yet, since the NTO didn't give the correct general contractor information. What should I do? My initial thought is that I might as well give the lien release and hope for the best, since the NTO is probably invalid, but I wanted to double check....Read More
Joan Elmore
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FloridaPreliminary Notice
I'm a subcontractor and have been working with a larger GC who has been stringing us out of the last 3 months. I need to know how to get paid after already signing a contract....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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ArizonaConstruction ContractLien WaiversPay ApplicationsPreliminary NoticeRetainage
There are 8 notices of liens filed on our two parcel number for work that we didn't contract and have none of it done. The notices should be filed on the property that the same GC is building now across the street. How do we get these removed?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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UtahMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
My condo has been being restored by a company and it has taken 4 years for me to get back into my property. I have 3 years of lost rental income. Now the restoration company wants to file a lien for the remaining $3200. How do I dispute this?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasNotice of Intent to LienPreliminary Notice
We received a preliminary notice from a vendor with an amount that is about $10,000 over the quoted price on the job. Is this normal? Could it harm us in any way?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
I know Iowa requires a preliminary notice of lien rights be provided to the customer before work begins or soon after. That being said, we do not have an "official form" for this; however, the fine print on our contract has a line that says the following: "Pre-Lien Notice: company hereby provides notification that any person or company supplying labor or material for this improvement to your property may file a lien against your property if that person or company is not paid for their contributions. Upon default in payment, a lien will be placed on the property and charges will be added from the date of substantial completion at the maximum rate allowed by law." Is this sufficient, or is there an actual official form that's needed in Iowa? Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give. Sincerely, Joe James...Read More
Joseph James
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IowaCollectionsConstruction ContractMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
Hello, I'm a needing to know if I can still proceed towards a lien if I have not completed the Notice to Owner. This job is a residential job and I'm the lender and the General contractor working with the owner of the home. ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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OregonPreliminary Notice