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if the condo remodeling (started from Sep 30) is not completed, can contractor send Illinois Preliminary Notice to property owner for partial payment? ...Read More
IllinoisPreliminary Notice
We are contracted with the owner of the property directly for a remodel. Usually as a subcontractor we will send out a prelim, but we are in question if we send one out as a direct contractor to the customer....Read More
CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
We've sent a 20 day notice with the original contract amount. Now we have change orders. Do we need to send new 20 day notices to reflect the new amounts?...Read More
CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
I'm a plumbing sub working g for a gc. 144k project. Gc gave a task to another sub and sent me a change order to subtract 18k. And other things. They have chipped away at my numbers and have not issued me change orders for things I have done at thier request. I kept working as to not violate and hold up the job. They always distract from the issue and don't want to discuss. Job is almost done. They havnt reciebed final draw from ups and I just got my final inspections. Is this the time to file lien to give me negotiating power? Should I file myself or reliance attorney? If the latter, then who? Waldorf md. My cell 2318180524. Best to initiate with a text. Thank you. ...Read More
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I have a customer that we he has been paid by the insurance, but he keeps telling us that no he has not been, can I file a lien on his property? We finished the work about 2 weeks ago...Read More
CaliforniaLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
Im a general contractor who finished work on a residential home. I finished the work last month & sent my final invoice on 10/8/20. The contractor who hired me has not provided a payment update & has several invoices that are past due ranging from 30-60 days past due. The total amount owed to me is $10,200.00. Can I file a lien on the property & is that the best option to collect?...Read More
CaliforniaMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
This is a state pervialing wage job. We are working under the GC. Do we need to file a Prelimnary 20 day notice?...Read More
CaliforniaPreliminary Notice
Hello, We were hired as an HVAC subcontractor on 7/20/20. We did not file a pre-lien. We have not been paid our final payment. The job finished on 10/20/20. I thought we had 90 days after the job to file the lien. I called level set and was told I needed to file a pre-lien 60 days after the start, so by 9/20/20. Is there anything I can do? I am worried if I file the lien it will get dismissed. ...Read More
WashingtonLien DeadlinesPreliminary Notice
Hi, im a general contractor (which I think) and I own a skid steer and dump truck business. I spread recycled rock for a parking lot for a RV storage company. He did not have enough aggregate and blamed me that it didnt stretch enough, and its my fault. Which than he threatened to not pay my hourly wages unless I fixed it or "finished the job". The jobs finished on my end. I also did extra for the guy. The guy was getting aggrivated cause my schedule was to far out to come back out and now hes not paying me. Ive sent plenty of emails and reminders of the invoice. So now I believe a Notice to Owner is next. Questions: Am I General Contractor or a Laborer Since im payed hourly? Even though to him the projects not done, he needs to pay me right? It was all a verbal agreement that I was payed hourly. There was nothing said that I had to complete his project. If I was to Lien his property does he have to pay for my fees when he decides to pay? Its only a $980.00 invoice. I still would like my money. Anywho im not much of a writer so I apoligize for any misunderstandings. Thank you for your time....Read More
FloridaCollectionsMechanics LienPreliminary NoticeRight to Lien
I have been doing work in La and would like to know if there is a document like Florida has that is call a notice to owner/notice to contractor, which tells them services were provided....Read More
LouisianaPreliminary Notice
My GC is trying to overcharge me in the final invoices of a remodel project in northern CA (San Mateo County). I've tried to show him my disputes on 2 line items (electrical sub work and sport court sub work) where he's overcharging me. I'm willing to pay and close out this project, but not at his over-charged total. He never did submit a preliminary notice. He's threatened to put a lien on my house. I'm trying to understand my options and remedies. I'm wondering if I should pay him an amount and push for mandatory arbitration on the remaining disputed amount with the CA state contractor's licensing board....Read More
CaliforniaMechanics LienPreliminary NoticeRight to Lien
where do i go from this page to continue to request an NTO ...Read More
FloridaPreliminary Notice
I am a subcontractor who has not been paid on several projects that we have past the normal deadline to send a registered letter to the contractor for the unpaid balance and also past the 15th day of the third month. Is there anything we can do to recover the balance we are owed?...Read More
TexasLawsuitMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
What does a "real exception is wage earners" of #1 of this artical mean? I am not a contractor and did various work for the owner of the property(i.e. painting, built shelving, did yard work, cleaning, etc.) just about anything that did not require a license. Did I need to file a 20 day preliminary lien?...Read More
ArizonaMechanics LienPreliminary Notice