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Thou Shall be Paid

Knowledge is power. The rules are on your side but they have thousands of complications. Levelset has spent 10+ years working with top lawyers and consultants to put the power of knowledge in your hands.

We were in elementary school. But now it feels like we have a PhD.

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Cut Through the Mess

There are thousands of ways to make a mistake with notice, waiver, and payment documents. Levelset has spent 10+ years working with lawyers and other experts to help you cut through all the mess and always get it right.

Last year was the first year when we didn’t write off a single dollar. That is in no small part because of Levelset.

Your Template or Ours
Whether it’s using a form you have or one of our lawyer-approved forms, we’ve got you covered.
Mailing & Filing
One of the hardest parts is just getting the documents sent to the right places. We can help you get it right.
Workflow Puts You in Control
No more excel spreadsheets or whiteboards with post it notes. We can put all the control at your fingertips.
Sign your documents electronically and stop the printing, signing, and scanning loop to save you time.

Levelset works with anything. Integrate with one API.

Levelset works with anything. Integrate with one API

Every. Single. Detail.

The details really matter. Get a Scouting Report on all of your jobs to get details on your documents right and avoid surprises. Your scout researchers will use millions of job records, public databases, data partnerships, and good old fashioned elbow grease to go to work for you.

Absolutely love the Scout team who do all the scouting for our jobs to make sure everything is correct. They are the wind beneath our wings!

Joani G.
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Have Experts on Your Side

You may need expert advice from time to time. Levelset is always in your corner to help. Get free advice from your network of construction attorneys, attend our free webinars and live events, or contact our 5-star payment experts anytime.

This is a game changer. We are no longer at the mercy of our customers.

Liz Martin

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Can I have a mechanics lien filed without a signed written contract

I am an owner occupant and am withholding payment due to shoddy work. Can contractor lien my house without a signed contract?

Is the Model Disclosure Statement Really Required in Washington…or What?

I understand that Washington requires contractors provide a model disclosure statement to the owner at the start of work, and I may lose lien rights if I don't provide it. However, someone told me that not sending it is worse than that even, and that I'll be in violation with the DLI for not sending the Model Disclosure Statement. Is that true? What are the consequences of that?

How to stop Lien

In Idaho a electrical contractor gave me a verbal bid of 2800. He tried to bill me for twice as much and still had not completed the job. Then I had to hire someone else to finish it because he was demanding I pay another 2000 before he finished and discovered he did it wrong ...he had electrical plan and there shouldn’t have been any ?’s. Have proof of emails...

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