Free Preliminary Notice Forms

You may need a preliminary notice form because you should always send a preliminary notice when starting a new project (also called Prelim, pre-lien, Notice to Owner, or NTO).

You can make this process easy by using a preliminary notice service, and in fact, we’ve reviewed the 10 Best Preliminary Notice Services for you to review.  However, you can also prepare and send a preliminary notice on your own. When preparing and sending a preliminary notice on your own, you’ll want to start with a strong, simple, and legally compliant preliminary notice form. Below, please find links to download preliminary notice templates for all 50 states.  And below that, we help you understand how to fill out these documents, how to read the common language in preliminary notices, and what to watch out for when working in new states.  Use the Following Links to Download a Free Preliminary Notice Form for Your State.

Notice Forms for Private Projects      |       Notice Forms for Public Jobs     |         FAQs & Notice Laws in Your State