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Just like every other member of the construction industry, drywall contractors can have problems communicating with other contractors and subs, as well as recovering payment after completing their work. A construction contract is an agreement that outlines responsibilities, communication, and deadlines on a construction project.

As a drywall contractor, you are usually one of the last to be called onto the job site. At this point in the project, the budget is getting thin and the project is often running behind schedule. In many instances, there may even be other trades on site (electricians, plumbers) preventing you from starting your work. These delays and lost labor hours can become a headache to deal with if you don’t have a well-formulated contract to set out how to handle these issues.

This free, customizable contract helps you secure payment on your drywall projects without unnecessary complexity

  • Improve communication to avoid complications or disagreements down the line
  • Have a contract in writing to ensure you recover payment
  • A go-to contract for jobs of any size gives you peace of mind on every project
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