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All County Recorders

This is a page that lists all of the county recorders’ offices for each state. County recording offices are sometimes called recorder of deeds. These government offices’ job is to maintain public records and documents, especially records related to real estate ownership. There are over 3000 county recorders offices across the country. Each one has different processes, procedures and minor variations that can make filing any document harder than you would expect.

If you have questions for a county recorder’s office about filing a document, it’s a good idea to contact them by phone to make sure you have everything you need before trying to file.  County recorders and clerks are continually updating and changing their regulations which can include anything from the mandating the margin size on the actual paper of your mechanics lien filing, to the filing fees required. There are many common and uncommon reasons for documents to be rejected.

By clicking on a state below, you will see a list of all county recorders’ offices in each state. When you select a specific county, you will find a page with all the information you need to know about filing a mechanics lien or releasing a mechanics lien that has been paid.