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So I'm working for a contractor on a job and he owes me money and is saying I'm not going to get it...Read More
WashingtonMechanics Lien
My documents are being mailed today/tomorrow to all parties. The customers lawyer reached out today and sent a copy of our check and is requesring we bring the final lien waiver and collect the check. Do we try to have the lien released now or let it go thru and then have it removed (assuming they make payment)...Read More
New YorkLien ReleasesLien WaiversMechanics Lien
I'm a contractor who did work for a client that adds up to 8476 dollars. She is refusing to pay, and the actual home owners didn't know the work was being done. I sent a intent of lien notice to the home owners and to the tenant. I just want to make sure I can indeed file a lien for the amount of 8476...Read More
MontanaConstruction ContractLien PriorityMechanics Lien
hi we filed a 20% excess instead of a 20 day prelim in error in December now we are having problems getting paid and are concerned what are our rights?...Read More
CaliforniaCollectionsLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPayment Disputes
Hello, We are subcontractors, hired by General Contractor. The project was finished on January 16, 2020. Back in August, we started to chase GC for payment, knowing the 8-month rule. They have been sending some payments, and in a mid of Sept they promised to make a final payment in 3 weeks. The owner of the company accepted their word, however, they sent only 1/2 of the payment. Is there any possibility to file the lien based on the above circumstances? ...Read More
New YorkCollectionsConstruction ContractLien DeadlinesMechanics LienNotice of Completion
Substantial completion of a project has been completed. The path of travel on the exterior portion of the building needs to be rerouted and architect is changing plans to maintain ada compliance. Its been 6months now waiting on the architect and owner will not pay me until the path of travel is corrected. What can I do to get paid? The amount is 30% of the contract equating to about $31000. Should I file preliminary lien documents?...Read More
CaliforniaDesign ProfessionalLien DeadlinesMechanics LienPayment DisputesSlow Payment
The contractor didn't finish the job and demanded the final payment on the contract, I refused until the final enspection and he filed for a lien. His permit expired and I opened one to close the project. I had 3 items the city required to pass and I have since passed the final. What do I need to demand the lien be released?...Read More
ColoradoLien ReleasesMechanics LienPayment Disputes
I sent a lien for our project called RCloud. Since I sent the lien, the GC has made one progress payment. We are still owed $218,602.80 which includes unbilled retention. The GC is asking if I've updated the lien amount to reflect the new balance since they made a payment. Is this something I need to do? Or does the lien amount remain in tact until I'm paid in full? ...Read More
CaliforniaMechanics Lien
The "constructor"- a dumpster rental company that my former tenant used to remove all her personal stuff (old tires, refrigerators, mattresses, etc) when she moved out, filed a mechanics lien on my residential property. The balance due was $180, but on the mechanics lien, it requested for $4200, including "legal process fee" of $1500 for each transition?? I already made my former tenant paid her back the owed $180, does the constructor have the legal rights to ask for more money on the lien? My property is in San Mateo county, CA. ...Read More
CaliforniaLawsuitLien ForeclosureMechanics LienPreliminary NoticeRight to Lien
Hi there. I have been working as a part time project manager for a company which has a property facing foreclosure and auction, possibly bankruptcy within 30 days. I am owed approximately $3000 in owed labor for time organizing GCs, laborers, deliveries, etc throughout the summer. I'd like to file a lien before this company goes under, but am unsure of the process or my rights as a contacted project manager. ...Read More
MaineForeclosureMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
I am a subcontractor. Did metal fabrication for 2017 MTA project. Delivered to site in November and December 2017. The contractor was invoiced $22684. Received bank notice of bounced check in January 2019. Placed Mechanics Lien through ZLien in March 2019. Still no payment received....Read More
New YorkMechanics Lien
I am recently divorced in Arkansas. The 2008 2500 HD GMC truck was ordered sold. I have not seen this truck in almost 2 years because my ex-husband drove it out and hid it. Now his mother has filed a mechanics lean for almost 7,000.00 because she loaned my ex money to buy a new motor. She filed the lean against myself and my ex and I never knew or consented to the motor. What can I do to remove the lean?...Read More
ArkansasMechanics Lien
Can I file a Lien for unpaid wages for laborer work without a written contract Wages I paid for workers along with my wages ...Read More
MissouriMechanics Lien
We are a subcontractor and filed a lien on a property for non payment. The homeowner paid the Courts with the $1000 Fee that is added to transfer the lien to a bond. I only received a paper where the Lien was transferred to the bond and the FL Statute stating what needs ro be done. It is very confusing. I need ro find out how to get paid the money the homeowner paid the courts for the Lien we placed on thier property?...Read More
FloridaMechanics Lien
Our company performed total renovation on a multi- dwelling property. The project was completed in May and we have not been paid the final payment balance. We want to know the process involved in liening the property. ...Read More
MarylandMechanics Lien