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I'm an independent contractor that has provided a sales service with my knowledge of structural repair for a structural repair company. This company has paid me for my services for the last year and a half and when they ended my services in March, they were still paying my company up until May 13th, 2022. My company still has monies owed for other services/projects signed up by my company. What type of Mechanics Lien can I file in Colorado....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoMechanics Lien
Hello! We are materials supplier, and we are providing windows to the project. We signed 1 agreement, but this agreement is to provide windows for 2 building. Building A is near by building B, but they have different addresses, owner is the same. Should we send notice of intent to Lien and Lien should be filled separately for each building address? We have and other situation where we provide windows for new construction of few buildings and separate addresses are not determined yet. In this case should we use 1 address we have from our agreement? thank you!...Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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IllinoisMechanics LienNotice of Intent to Lien
I built a cost plus project and 2 different customers refused to pay the remaining balance of their project. Both customers owe my LLC $5000. These projects were completed 3 years ago. Can I still file a lien on the property to retain the money...Read More
Andrew McAlpin
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AlabamaMechanics Lien
We did a job for a general contractor as subcontractors .The job was on park service land to a resource building . The job was completed the 25th of April and I have been trying to get ahold of the contractor with no luck. I know he was paid I spoke with the park service and got dates and amounts paid. Firefly Builders is out of South Dakota, the job was in Arizona...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaMechanics Lien
I just receive a notice of intent to lien from a contractor who we decided not to use on our project. claiming he time is worth $2000 and he never sent a complete bid and we never signed anything. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaMechanics Lien
Our company has worked with one GC on two different projects. One project was an outdoor project in which the GC demanded that we use a material that we knew was unsuitable for outdoor use and advised them against it because we knew there would be future issues. We have gone back on 3 occasions to fix this project but still, more work is needed long-term due to their misstep. We simultaneously completed a second project with the same GC, to the homeowner's satisfaction and now the GC is withholding payment for the completed job until we repair the other project. We have assured the GC that we would happily assist with the other project once we receive payment for the job we completed but they are still refusing to pay us. Do we have any recourse in the situation? Please note that a preliminary notice was not sent. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TennesseeCollectionsMechanics Lien
I have a lien on my clients property for unpaid debt. My 90 days is up soon, but I am still in negotiation for payment. I received a partial payment. Does Levelset offer lien modification or reduction for the partial payment I received?...Read More
phil richter
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OregonMechanics Lien
We are a subcontractor and filed a lien on a property for non payment. The homeowner paid the Courts with the $1000 Fee that is added to transfer the lien to a bond. I only received a paper where the Lien was transferred to the bond and the FL Statute stating what needs ro be done. It is very confusing. I need ro find out how to get paid the money the homeowner paid the courts for the Lien we placed on thier property?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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FloridaMechanics Lien
We have sharpened our pencils and have additional costs we didn't account for when we filed the lien. How can we amend the lien to include these additional costs?...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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CaliforniaMechanics Lien
My girlfriend and I bought a house together to flip. I took the house out of my name for legal reasons with the promise that when the house sold I would get half. She has now refused to do so. What action can I take?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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TexasMechanics Lien
I finished a house,received my final inspection and we have yet to receive final payment and they are not answering my calls. It has been 3 weeks....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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North CarolinaMechanics Lien
My HOA is threatening a mechanics lien against my property (a condo which I own), for a new roof they had put on every building, and charging a $1500 assessment to every owner in the complex, without anyones consent or prior notice or approval. The HOA bylaw state approval must be sought by the owners prior to an assessment. The HOA claims it was an emergency. Which is was not, the roof replacement has been on the horizon and listed on the upcoming “funds needed” list for more than ten years now. Yet-the HOA used one persons water pipe bursting and leaking as an excuse that ‘the roof’ was the culprit and therefore needed to be replaced immediately. Causing the HOA to issue a non-approved or legally made assessment on the owners. The owners refusing or unable to pay, are now threatened with mechanics liens on their property. Suggestions? Thoughts? Advice? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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South DakotaMechanics Lien
If I agreed upon work with a licensed contractor and no contract was ever provided, are they able to file a mechanics lien in mohave county, arizona? Work to be done was outlined on a crude drawing and no dispute as to what was to be done was raised until the last phase, when the contractor said the remaining work was not in the original agreement/bid and that is was an additional $3,500. Work started 3/1/2021 and ended in the dispute on 1/7/2022...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaMechanics Lien
We are installing an elevator for $38,000. The contractor has asked for a payment schedule of $17,000 up front, $14,000 when elevator is delivered, $2000 at completion of site of install, and $5,000 at completion. This seems in violation of California’s 10% down. However, the contractor has excellent BBB rating, good reviews, and has a valid California license. What lien waivers should I obtain and at what point?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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CaliforniaConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPay ApplicationsRetainage
I didn't get paid for job I had complete. subcontractor got paid from general contractor (3 invoices total $25,000 aprox)...Read More
Anonymous Sub-Subcontractor
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TexasMechanics Lien