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3 Steps to Get Paid Without Filing a Lien

We all know liens are incredibly powerful tools to get paid, but it’s always preferable to get paid without needing to file one. Fortunately, there...

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Mechanics liens
How Levelset Software Works to Avoid Payment Risks & Get You Paid Faster

Levelset software saves you valuable time and money by eliminating manual work and alerting you about payment risks and red flags in real time. Using...

Liam Duddy
Liam Duddy

How Successful Electrical Subs & Suppliers Manage Lien Rights & Receivables
Three Ways to Save Time Protecting Your Lien Rights
Lien waivers
Sync QuickBooks + Levelset to Connect Invoices to Payment Reminders, Waivers, and more!

Levelset’s QuickBooks integration lets you simplify and speed up payments to make construction paperwork as stress free as possible. Connect jobs and invoices from your...

Danny Stagliano
Danny Stagliano

5 Ways Construction Contracts Can Inadvertently Release Claim Rights
Protecting Your Profits: A 3 Step Plan

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