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This Nevada notice of completion form is usually send or recorded at the completion of work on a construction project. At the conclusion of work, or when work has been abandoned or suspended, the owner can file a Notice of Cessation or Notice of Completion with the county recorder. This acts to start the lien period, and conclude it more quickly than allowed by projects without such notices filed. If a Notice of Cessation or Completion is filed in nevada, The lien deadline will be shortened from 90 days to 40 days. (from date of notice).

This document is mostly used by property owners to notify potential mechanics lien claimants that a specific construction project has been completed. The effect of a properly recorded Notice of Completion is to reduce the time in which a subcontractor, material supplier or general contractor can record a mechanics lien or bond claim against a private works construction project.

Pro Tip: since the date that you last furnished work or materials will almost always be earlier than the date that the project is substantially or finally complete, basing your deadline to file off of your last furnishing date should give you the “completely safe lien period.

Complete the form on the right to download your free Nevada notice of completion template that can be filled out with a PDF editor or by hand after printing. PS. we can help you file any construction document through our platform!

Nevada Notice of Completion Form

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