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Bad on all counts.

a month ago

Terrible Customer Service. Warranty repair took over 2 weeks to schedule. Gave a 4 hour window from 12-4. At 4:10, I called the office. They mentioned installer/repair man wouldn't... Read More

a month ago

I work for a GC and by far Stoneway is a Class Act. I ave nothing negative to say about this company.

2 months ago

We paid for a pre-engineered building kit in March of 2021, the building was delivered in November of 2021. The metal panels all Were wrong, manufacturing error. We contracted Amer... Read More

3 months ago

responsible, responsive, and friendly

4 months ago

Always robbing from their sub-contractors.

8 months ago

Hard to collect, slow to pay, impossible to contact, no regard for small businesses

8 months ago

Beautiful work by incredibly kind and diligent people.

8 months ago

They pay net 90 whether they have been paid or not. If a PO has a typo or is wrong, they will delete the invoice from their system and not tell you. You won't know until the invo... Read More

10 months ago

It is difficult receiving lien releases from them and contacting them via phone.

11 months ago

Non-responsive, holds payment when paid past 120+ days.

a year ago

sham pass-through . slow payment

a year ago

Have not had a great history of payment. It has taken over 5 months to receive a partial payment.

a year ago

Extremely slow pay

a year ago

I am a new client with Alliance. The salesperson I work with is very responsive, the material often comes the next day. Established creditworthiness quickly, been very pleased with... Read More

a year ago