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We’re not in the finance business, we’re a supplier. With Levelset, we cut our 90+ day receivables in half at least. Levelset does the hard work for me so I don’t have to be an expert all over the country.

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Danetta Hanes
Controller at Intl. Marble Industries

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Material Suppliers – Stop Getting the Short End of the Payment Stick!

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Ultimate Guide to Being a Successful Credit Manager

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Material Supply Agreement — Free Template Download

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who's on the job

Get info on the GC, owner, and legal property details even if you never set foot on the job site. Levelset’s Scout Research uncovers key job and contact info so you can send notices to make sure you’re seen on the job.

preliminary notice job research

Streamline your

Save time managing notices, waivers, and pay apps on all of your jobs. Levelset Platform makes it easy to track deadlines and send documents to speed up payment while keeping your process in-house.

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Communicate with others in your payment chain to resolve any issues before they flare up. You can directly contact and level with the owner, lender, or GC through the Levelset Platform whether you’re hired by a repeat customer or a new contractor.

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