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Construction Payment Learning Center

The knowledge and tools you need to get paid faster, improve cash flow, and protect your bottom line. Choose from thousands of guides, videos, calculators, and free forms, each created by construction experts to take your company — and your career — to the next level.

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Learn by state

Each state has its own payment rules for construction. Learn the requirements, download free forms, and read the latest news from wherever you do business.

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Earn a certificate

Take a free certificate course, taught by some of the industry’s top lawyers, financial experts, and credit pros.

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Control your cash flow

Construction companies live or die by their cash flow. We’ll teach you industry-beating tactics to manage cash flow and grow your business.

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Understand your contract

Your contract spells out the rules, timing, and process for payments on each project. Learn about common clauses, how they work, and what to watch out for.

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Build customer relationships

Get tips and advice that help you set expectations, communicate effectively, and build customer relationships that make collections a breeze.

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Reduce credit risk

Learn how to assess your customers’ risk, avoid bad contractors, and make smarter financial decisions before you ever sign a contract.

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Learn the laws

Every state has laws that protect your right to get paid. Learn how construction laws work — and how to use them to your advantage.

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Improve accounting skills

Learn the accounting fundamentals a construction business needs to track financial progress, grow their business, and qualify for loans and bonds.

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