Guest Contributor Guidelines – Levelset’s Construction Payment Blog


If you’re looking to get your construction payment expertise in front of thousands of eyeballs every week, you came to the right place. We’re thrilled you want to write for the Levelset blog and are always accepting unique, helpful articles on construction payment topics. This short set of guidelines will ensure you share your knowledge with our massive audience in the most impactful way.

What We Stand For 

We are here to help and empower people in the construction industry get payment under control. We love to make complex things simple. We care about improving transparency of legal requirements and legislation that affect payment rights of contractors. We believe that promoting visibility up and down the payment chain (from property owners to suppliers, and vice versa) is the best way to avoid bad payment outcomes. We strive to eliminate fear-based tactics and bullying in business practices and communication.

Who We Write For 

Our audience is primarily made up of anyone who deals with payments on a construction project. This can be anyone from an office manager at a 12 person subcontractors office, to a team of finance and credit professionals at a national material supplier, to a CFO at a global general contractor. Generally, the office managers at small to mid-sized subcontractors and other sub tier parties need the most help understanding the ins and outs of their growing responsibilities and getting payment under control. Write directly to them and share your experience simply and directly, like a coach not a law professor. 

Submitted Content Should Be

  • Focused on a specific construction payment topic
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Helpful to anyone dealing with construction payment
  • Non-contrary to what we believe 
  • Written in a human, casual, and informative tone

How To Get Started

Search the Levelset blog to make sure your content is original and focused. Try to avoid writing something we already have. Providing answers, insight, and opinions that don’t currently exist will be more helpful to the readers anyhow.  You can also reach out to pitch your topic and title if you’d like.

How to Send It 

  • Submit your finished article via Microsoft Word or Google Doc (preferred).
  • Include a headshot and short bio of no more than 100 words. 
  • If we cannot accept your post, we will make every effort to keep you in the loop and provide necessary feedback. We strive to maintain positive, productive relationships with our guest authors.
  • When the post is live we will notify you so you can share your beautiful new article with anyone you want. Great content goes places!


Questions? Contact 


The Fine Print 

If we publish your post on Levelset’s blog, it cannot be republished elsewhere. 

Levelset reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to accept or reject any articles submitted and edit submitted articles as we see fit, prior to publishing them on our blog. Submitted content must be original and submitted with the consent of the author. Finally, please don’t try and sell your product on our blog. We’re here to help readers not sell them products. 


About Levelset

Levelset helps contractors and suppliers get payment under control, and sees a world where no one loses a night’s sleep over payment.

Over 500,000 contractors and suppliers connect on Levelset’s cloud-based platform to make payment processes stress-free. Users easily exchange payment documents like lien waivers, pay applications, and preliminary notices, they see a complete picture of who is on their job, and are empowered with the resources and knowledge they need to be confident in payment. The results are faster payments and less surprises.

Levelset is venture-backed by S3 Ventures, Altos Ventures, and Brick & Mortar Ventures. Headquartered in New Orleans with offices in Austin and Cairo, Egypt, Levelset employs over 150 people. For more information about Levelset, visit or call 866-720-5436.