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All potential lien claimants, “other than one who performs only labor,” and who do not contract directly with the property owner, must deliver a Notice of Right to Lien in order to protect lien rights. According to NRS § 108.245, the notice must be delivered within 31 days of first providing work or materials for full lien protection. (If the notice is delivered outside of the 31-day window, lien rights will protect work or materials provided in the 31 days prior to the date notice was given, and all work or materials provided afterwards until the completion of the project.) This notice must be delivered to the property owner and prime contractor.

Nevada Notice of Right to Lien Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Nevada Preliminary Notice
The Preliminary Notice of Right to Lien that was mailed to the Owner was returned as \\\"Unclaimed\\\". Are our lien rights still in place?

Not sure what I'm supposed to write here. I have asked my question above.

when do you file for a pre-lien in Nevada? Do you send it back with the signed contract?

We are a new company in Nevada. I understand a pre-lien needs to filed in order for a lien go have any leverage. When is...

If we send a Preliminary Notice without the General Contractor listed on the Notice, is our Notice still valid?

Many times I do not know who the General Contract is. Does not having the GC listed on the Preliminary Notice make the Notice invalid?

Does your NOTICE TO OWNER qualify as a NOTICE OF RIGHT TO LIEN? Why doesn’t it say NOTICE OF RIGHT TO LIEN?

I want to make sure I am using the correct form.

Is my signature going to be okay to sign a prelien as I am the one collecting the monies owed. Or does the President of our company sign as the Claimant on a prelien notice?

When sending out prelien notices, is it okay if I sign as the Claimant as I'm in charge of collecting monies owed. Or does the...

If there is a bon in the contract do I still need a preliminary notice?

We have a contract with a gc on a private commercial building. I am having trouble collecting information on the owner to file our preliminary...

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