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Time and Material Contract Template

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If you are supplying time or materials to any construction project, it’s essential to get everything in writing. This five page contract template is simple but effective. Using a simple template is always better than not getting it in writing at all.

This free form download will come in a MS Word format, so you’ll easily be able to make any edits, additions, or deletions that suit your specific project needs.

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Im trying to get first draw on project . GC is requesting i send them 2 lien waivers . 1 is a subcontractor supplier lien...

Rhode Island Mechanics Lien

We are direct to the owner on this project. Please advise deadline to file mechanics lien in Rhode Island.

Pay when Paid clause

We typically strike this clause from any contract but this GC is holding tight to it and my partner's don't want to walk. Since Georgia...

Can we place a lien?

We have clients who we have done service work for. We did not send a 20-day prelien. The work was all Time & Materials. We...

Can we file a lien against a company that makes vessels for services and materials provided to such purpose?

Our company provided labor and materials to a company which makes vessels. They paid only the deposit and have not paid the balance on the...

do I have to be a licensed mechanic to put a lien on someones car that I worked on and now they refuse to pay me?

I worked on a persons car and now they refuse to pay me.

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