Construction Contract

Here, you can find our full catalogue of articles about construction contracts. Contracts are basis of all projects in the construction industry. They detail the offer that’s on the table, which parties will be working on the project, the rights and responsibilities of each party, dictate the retainage to be withheld, terms involving change orders, how pay apps will be handled, and other important information that will help the participants navigate the project.

It’s important to note that construction contracts usually include multiple documents that get bundled up under one label. These documents could include the project’s schedule, the schedule of values, drawings, scope of work, and other specifications for the project.

If you need help with construction contracts, the first step is to determine which contract is on the table before the project begins. Next you’ll want to look over the clauses and the terms to make sure you understand what you’re agreeing to before you sign. For starters, you can browse the articles about construction contracts below. You can also ask questions about contracts on the Expert Center where a construction attorney can provide you with personalized legal advice. Learning how to use construction contracts to get paid can seem intimidating – but with a little research, you’ll soon find the secret sauce to navigate construction contracts with ease.

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