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My company has been asked to sign a lien waver. We however seem to be a subcontractor of a subcontractor. The amount of payment was not the amount we received. We were also not the only contractors that worked on the project. We also did not provide and materials only labor, should we sign the lien waiver?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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NebraskaLien Waivers
I have a subcontractor who is pushing back saying invoice numbers are required to be included on lien waivers. I have lien waivers broken up by job/amount and through date. My template is provided by LevelSet and we did have it reviewed originally reviewed by an attorney. I can't find any language supporting their claim but want to be sure before telling them they are incorrect. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLien Waivers
I work for myself. I was hired by my buddies boss to rebuild a motor in a 300 Chrysler. This motor was already taken apart and left on the ground. I'm the 2nd person to pick up after the 1st guy left. We were both unsure if it would start after o rebuilt it from this state. After 2 months of rebuilding this motor, it would not start. He called me last week and said he was taking it to a dealership. He owes for my labor over these 2 months. Do I lean his home or the vehicle. His intentions were/are to sell it after it starts. If it ever does. ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoConstruction ContractLien WaiversMechanics LienPreliminary NoticeRetainage
Need to hire a painter in Aventura, FL (the city has its own requirements, but for now I want to know at least the state requirements). I got two quotes one for $2,000 and one for $3,100. However the more expensive one can start immediately (I am pressed on time). Do I have to deal with any permits, NOC, etc. just for a paint job for the walls of my condo? If a painter is not licensed, is that a problem or do I need to look for licensed ones?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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FloridaLicensesLien WaiversNotice of Commencement
With interim waivers is the sum amount the total amount paid to date? or the amount being issued. When signing a lien waiver in GA how is it done electronically with the witness? Does the witness need to be beside the signer when filling it out? Is the DocuSign the witness factor? I would like super technical details...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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GeorgiaLien Waivers
I will be administering the payment of funds to subcontractors on a job and want to know what/if waiver forms are required in exchange for payment and how do I protect myself for liens...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ArizonaLien WaiversMechanics Lien
We had to remove one of our subs because they could not keep the schedule. We gave them a deductive Change Order and a termination letter. (They have been paid a fair amount for the work they completed, so don’t expect our 1st sub to file a lien.) They have been unresponsive as we have tried to get them to sign the deductive CO and final lien waiver. The GC now has our payment on hold until we get them the waiver. ...Read More
Hal Guice
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South CarolinaLien Waivers
Can we file a notice of Termination and have it filed with the county if the homeowner never signs it? Will that give us lien rights as we have not worked on this property for over a year!...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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LouisianaCollectionsLien WaiversMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
Can you include exceptions on a Texas conditional waiver like you would on a California conditional waiver? The customer is requesting that we include exceptions on the waiver to show that we are excluding invoices on a previously issued waiver. There are open invoices through 8/31/2022 And there are open invoices through 9/30/2022 They want a conditional through 9/30/2022 with the exception of invoices through 8/31/2022 (they received a conditional for August already) Is it needed? I wasn't going to include August invoices. ...Read More
Kayeron Bell
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TexasLien Waivers
I work for an electrical company and one of our subcontractors are requesting a Lien Waiver and we have never dealt with a Lien Waiver before. What are some key points we should know about? ...Read More
Corina Dejeu
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GeorgiaLien Waivers
I am being told conflicting information. Do I use the county of where the job is for the waiver or the county where my company reside in?...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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IllinoisLien Waivers
Monthly "Forms" as a Sub-Contractor hired under contract by the Primary GC after Jan 2022. I should be Sending 1. Initital Notice of Contractual Retainage or is it now Reserved Funds letter which I send prior to issuing our first draw once project begins? (Re: the 10% retaiange withheld from pay applications monthly. 2. Lien Waivers - Send Conditional with pay application monthly, and send Unconditional Waivers once funds are received and processed. 3. NEW - NOTICE OF CLAIM FOR UNPAID LABOR OR MATERIALS is this form only sent IF payments are not received and should be sent on the 3rd month after non-paymnet, Is that correct? Or are they being sent with the Pay Applications in leau of Waivers? ...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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TexasLien WaiversMonthly NoticeNotice of Intent to LienPreliminary Notice
I got an unconditional lien waiver off line wanting to know if this one is okay...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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IllinoisLien Waivers
We are a subcontractor hired by a GC - the GC has not paid us. Our last date on site was 7/25/22. What can I do within that 90 day deadline. How long do I have to file a lien? If I am not within the deadline what are the other options? What are the definitions of “the project” as it relates to us regarding the 90 day deadline to file after “substantial completion of the project.” Our portion of this large project is about 6 months of work, while the entire house remodel will take around 2 years and is run by a GC with many subs. Is our deadline the last day we worked there? Or the last day the GC worked there? Or some other deadline. We have been waiting for the client to schedule us for the remaining $19K of work we have left to complete the project, which is why we have not yet filed a lien. The total cost of the project is $130,490.00. We have billed $111,345 and received $94,194.00 in payments. The $17,151.00 balance due consists of $11,134.50 on 90% invoices, and $6,016.50 of 10% retention invoices....Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
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CaliforniaLien Waivers
I have a question about conditional waivers. A lot of general contractors don't pay invoices within 30 days and at the time of submitting a new invoice (which requires the inclusion of a new conditional/unconditional lien waiver), more than the current month's billing is still outstanding. If this is the case, should the total amount outstanding be put on the conditional waiver, with the through date of the current billing period, rather than just the amount of the current billing? Or are the prior billed & unpaid amounts covered by the conditional waivers that were included with those billings? It just feels wrong to put only the amount of the current billing on the conditional waiver with a through date of the current billing, if the previous billings are still outstanding. I hope I was able to explain clearly what I'm asking....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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WashingtonLien Waivers