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Start your construction projects and jobs off on the right foot with our proposal template!
We all know the saying that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Well, like a lot of sayings, there’s a lot of truth contained in that statement about the importance of looking and acting the part!

Chances are, your written proposal for a new project or job will be the first “official” communication that your customer will receive from you. Don’t miss this chance to come off looking like the professional that you are!

Fill out the information at right to download our Construction Proposal Template, free of charge. The template is in a MS Word format, you you can edit it to suit your needs. Feel free to omit or add in anything that will help you accurately reflect the job at hand, and also, to make the best impression on your client!

Good luck on getting the new business! All of us here at zlien are pulling for you!

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