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The number one benefit of Levelset is the payment reduction time. I thought that getting our payments down to 30 days was impossible, but we did it.”

Wendy Hilton, Contract Administrator at CRP Rebar

Payment paperwork management designed for suppliers

Send notices to protect receivables

Create and send notices with a few clicks or through full automation. Either way, notices are sent quickly and accurately.

Verify property information

Update your notices with accurate details by adding Levelset-confirmed job information.

Never miss a required deadline

Get notifications for upcoming notice deadlines based on your job location and role.

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Payment help from the start of your jobs

Catch payment problems early

Get instant Job Radar notifications when someone takes any payment action on jobs you supply.

Prequalify contractors

Before you work with a new customer, review their credit history with in-depth Risk Reports.

See everyone on the job

Gain payment chain insights to ensure you send documents to the right people with the help of Job Tree suggestions.

Job Radar notifications, Risk Reports, and Job Tree suggestions

Send and manage waivers faster

Standardize your waivers

Make your business look more professional and ensure you have the correct, state-required forms with lawyer-approved templates.

Send waivers in a click

Connect to accounts receivable data on your jobs in Levelset to send waivers fast and get paid even faster.

Use a branded waiver portal

Make it easy for your customers to request waivers by providing a unique link to their jobs with a quick click to request.

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Branded lien waiver portal for you to send to your customers

Accept digital payments to reduce DSO

Request payment and get paid faster on every document you send.

  • Trackable and secure transactions
  • Payments deposited directly to your bank account
  • Flat, upfront fees when payments are processed by Levelset
Levelset Pay

Access the most comprehensive job data in construction

Always be aware of who is on your jobs and send your paperwork with accurate property information.

  • Partner with an expert research team
  • Confirm every job detail
  • Get instant updates about changes to addresses or people on your jobs
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Levelset Pay

Suppliers are avoiding high-risk customers and doubling revenue with Levelset.

Charley Coury

Levelset is invaluable. At a time when our industry feared the worst, Levelset helped us grow our business. All of our accounts receivable problems are from before we started using Levelset.”

Charley Coury, CEO of 9Wood

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