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The construction or mechanics lien, known in Nevada as a Notice of Lien, is filed on private construction jobs when unpaid for work. Nevada also requires that the property owner (and prime contractor, if not the claimant) be served with a copy of the lien within 30 days of its filing.

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Nevada Mechanics Lien Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Nevada Mechanics Lien
how do i start on filing a lien

ive been working on a property for over a year now and havent been payed a dime.

What does a lien do against a home if I dont have the money?

Can you loose your home is a Lien is not paid? Within the deadline?

Lien set and company is telling me the name is wrong

We are a rental fence company. We do a lot of our business through email. About a year ago we got a job for rental...

Owner paying after a work

I'm the owner. Painter paint the kitchen the last 14th. I have ordered my bank same day to pay him for the remaining balance 385$...

Handyman Exemption & Mechanics Lien

If I'm owed less than$500 from the home owner for work performed on her house, and I'm unlicensed, does it then fall under the handyman...

Lien filed in excess of contract – valid?

Our company has an executed contract with a client to perform work, and to bill same on a time & material basis. The contract has...

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