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Nevada Notice of Nonpayment & Bond Claim Form

This is a Nevada Notice of Nonpayment & Bond Claim form (also referred to as a Public Project Bond Claim). This form can be filled out with a PDF editor or by hand after printing.

A Nevada Notice of Nonpayment form is used when a contractor or supplier is unpaid on a public project in Nevada, and would like to file a claim against the project’s payment bond. This notice must be sent by any first or second-tier subcontractors, laborers, equipment lessors, or architects who provided more than $500 of labor and/or materials to the prime contractor and the surety.

This notice should be sent by registered or certified mail. In order to be valid, the Notice of Nonpayment must be served no later than 90 days after the claimant last furnished labor and materials to the project.

Learn more about the Nevada Bond Claim rules here.

Required Information

  • Prime contractor information
  • Surety company’s information
  • Public agency’s information
  • Hiring party’s information
  • Description of the property
  • Description of labor, services, or materials
  • Total amount due and claimed


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The Nevada Notice of Nonpayment & Bond Claim is governed by Nevada Revised Statutes §339.015 et seq.

Nevada Bond Claim Form | Free Download

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Mechanics lien county recorder e-filing

Nevada County Recorders

Looking to file/record a mechanics lien in Nevada? You'll need to get your Nevada mechanics lien filed and recorded with the county recorder in the county where the construction project is located. Here is a listing of all county recorders in Nevada. Click on any county to find more information about how to get your lien recorded in that county.

Carson City
Carson City Recorder
885 E Musser St #1028
Carson City, NV, 89701
Phone: (775) 887-2260

Churchill County Recorder's Office
155 N Taylor Street
Suite 131
Fallon, NV 89406
Phone: (775) 423-6001
Fax: (775) 423-8933

Douglas County Recorder's Office
Historic Courthouse
1616 Eighth St.
Minden, NV 89423
Phone: 775-782-9025
Fax: 775-783-6413

Elko County Recorder's Office
571 Idaho Street, Room 103
Elko, NV 89801
Phone: (775) 738-6526
Fax: (775) 738-3299

Esmeralda County Auditor/Recorder
PO Box 458
Goldfield, NV 89013
Phone: 775-485-6337
Fax: 775-485-6338

Eureka County Clerk-Recorder's Office
10 S Main St
Eureka, NV 89316
Phone: (775) 237-5263
Fax: (775) 237-5614

Humboldt County Recorder's Office
25 W Fourth Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Phone: 775-623-6412
Fax: 775-623-6337

Lander County Recorder's Office
50 State Route 305
Battle Mountain, Nevada 89820
Phone: (775) 635-5173
Fax: (775) 635-8272

Lincoln County Recorder
181 Main St
Pioche, Nevada, 89043
Phone: 775-962-8076
Fax: 775-962-5482

Mineral County Recorder's Office
105 S A St # 2
Hawthorne, NV 89415
Phone: (775) 945-3676
Fax: (775) 945-1749

Storey County Recorder's Office
26 S. B St.
Virginia City, NV 89440
Phone: (775) 847-0967
Fax: (775) 847-1009

Washoe County Recorder
1001 E. Ninth Street
Bldg. A, Rooms 140/150
Reno, NV 89512
Phone: (775) 328-3661
Fax: (775) 325-8010

White Pine
White Pine County Recorder's Office
801 Clark Street
Suite 1
Ely, NV 89301
Phone: 775-293-6507
Fax: 775-289-9686

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