Free Mechanics Lien Forms

Not paid?  Download a free mechanics lien form to start your mechanics lien claim.  A mechanics lien filing is incredibly powerful and usually works to get you quickly paid.  If you decide to file the mechanic’s lien on your own, you’ll want to start with a strong, legally compliant mechanic’s lien form (And read this guide: How To File A Mechanic’s Lien). Below, please find links to download mechanic’s lien templates for all 50 states.  To use these form documents just click on the state and form that you want, and then click “download.”  You’ll be able to save this form to your desktop, fill it out on your computer, and then use it as you see fit.

Questions You May Have About Choosing & Using A Mechanic's Lien Form

Which mechanics lien form do I need?

It should be fairly simple to choose the mechanics lien form that is right for you because most states only have 1 single lien form available. You can choose that from the list of state forms above.

However, there are 2 notes to make here:

1. You need the lien form for the state where the work was performed or materials were delivered. This may be different than the state where you are physically located, or where the owner or GC is located, etc. You need the state form for the state where the project is located.

2. You need the form applicable to your role. When a state does have multiple types of mechanic lien forms available, it is almost always because the form is different for companies depending on the role they played in a job. Be careful in these situations. Typically, forms will be different when you are contracting with the owner (i.e. are a GC or Direct Contractor), versus when you are not contracted with the owner. Make sure you get the right form for your situation!

How do I fill out and file my mechanic's lien document?

This is a great question. In fact, while this process seems fairly simple and straight-forward, you'll likely find that filling out a mechanics lien form and getting it filed is extremely detailed. For this reason, you may want a company like Levelset to manage this for you. If you're interested in that -- click here to electronically file your mechanic's lien.

Otherwise, you may want to consult our comprehensive step-by-step guide to filing a mechanics lien.

Mechanics Lien Requirements & FAQs

Need more help with your mechanics lien? Choose your state from the map below to read about the lien law requirements in your state, including frequently asked questions, guides, and more.

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