Notice of Intent to Make Retainage Claim Form

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Notice of Intent to Make Retainage Claim Form

About Notice of Intent to Make Retainage Claim Form

This is not a required document in any state, however, it can still be effective to speed up payments. By sending this notice, a claimant can show that they mean business – if excessive retention continues to be an issue on the project, the claimant will not sit idly by.

Notice of Intent to Make Retainage Claim Form

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FAQs about Notice of Intent to Make Retainage Claim Form

Clarification on Texas Retainage on public projects

I have a public project, not with TxDOT nor wholesale water supply, with work valued under $400,000. Reading the FAQs, there is a statement that the Texas public retainage laws apply to projects valued more than $400,000. However, the very next answer states that the retainage applies on public...

Do I have any lein rights

I'm a commercial painting sub contractor working at a U of M building in Michigan. I'm completely done with the project since December 31, 2021 and have been paid for all except our 10% retention. The General Contractor is saying that the owner will not pay out retention until two change orders...

Is escrow required for retainage in Kentucky?

Hello - your summary of Kentucky retainage law seems to indicate that there is no escrow requirement. KRS 371.160 seems (for larger projects) to indicate otherwise. Is KRS 371.160 inapplicable? If so, why? Thank you.

Contractor says I have to pay interest after 30 days. Our contact does not say anything about interest can he do this?

I’m holding 10% due to bad work which he said months ago he would correct before he sent his final bill and I’m positive he has no intention to do at this time.

How do I file a lien?

I am a subcontractor. I have signed all the proper forms of release to get payment. I haven't received my money. The other contractors have. now I'm being told the prelim was done wrong after I have signed everything and that is nothing they can do for me on some of these jobs. There is...

how long should i wait to get paid retainage in a commerical job

Hello, Im a subcontractor working on a large job in south florida. We finished the work for the GC over 7 months ago & and it was accepted.... we got paid all the progressive payments (very difficult although to get paid by them) but we still have not been paid the retainage. Level set is saying i...

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