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My client wont pay me after more than 96% of his project completed. From first East he was trying to stay under $60k and he added $10100 which he admitted on his text message. Is there anyway you can help me with this matter. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
3 answersAdd commentOct 15, 2022
CaliforniaConstruction AccountingConstruction Contract
If a person is working on a prevailing wage job and is contracted through a temp agency are they supposed to still get paid prevailing wage amount?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMar 19, 2020
CaliforniaPayment Disputes
I lend $50k to a LLC with a deed on a property. The note has expired 2 months ago. And this LLC owns another property and this LLC is selling this property, so I would like to put a lien against the property they are selling to get my money back....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
2 answersAdd commentMar 17, 2020
ColoradoLien ForeclosureLien on Funds
My company has been asked to sign a lien waver. We however seem to be a subcontractor of a subcontractor. The amount of payment was not the amount we received. We were also not the only contractors that worked on the project. We also did not provide and materials only labor, should we sign the lien waiver?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentDec 9, 2022
NebraskaLien Waivers
I am a home owner. I hired a contractor to put a new roof on my house. He hired a subcontractor to do the work. There are no contracts with any party. I paid the contractor in full the day after the job was finished. The subcontractor showed up at my house 3 months later threatening a lein for non payment. I told him I paid the contractor who hired him in full. What should I do now?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentJan 9, 2023
We have 2 projects in Georgia right now. Payment is about a week late for 2 invoices. We also submitted a pay app on 11/15 for approval last month for work through 11/30 and still have not received approvals or feedback. Management wants to file an intent to lien tomorrow. Is this possible? If so, what needs to be done? Can you also point me in the direction of a good source for research on GA lien laws? Thanks!...Read More
Anonymous Subcontractor
1 answerAdd commentDec 8, 2022
Our company filed a claim of lien. We file the NOC and the notice of nonpayment along with phone calls. To save our rights we filed a Claim of lien. Now we are needing to know how must it go out to save our rights. Regular mail to all party's? Email okay? What is the correct way to send....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMar 14, 2022
FloridaMechanics Lien
i work for a company offering services to apartment complexes at Texas. We have an apartment complex that its not paying the invoices, they all are 70-110 days overdue. As a consequence, we were recommended to file a mechanic lien towards the property. My question is: should i file a mechanic lien towards the apartment complex or towards the property management company (that its the one who ownes the apartment complex)? Do i have lien rights?...Read More
Ignacio Morandini
1 answerAdd commentDec 8, 2022
I learned that the hiring party changed on mechanics lien that was filed in Kansas. I wanted to know, if its best/required to update the hiring party on the recording lien or should I leave it as is? The fear is that I would have to release the current lien filed after the lien deadline, is there an alternative option? ...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
1 answerAdd commentDec 8, 2022
KansasMechanics Lien
20 day notice was not sent on time is my lien valid ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
1 answerAdd commentMay 10, 2022
Can I still file a lien? This is a commercial job, im the subcontractor doing electrical work. ...Read More
Patricia Monteverde
Waiting for answerAdd commentMay 10, 2022
I am a prime contractor for one of the VDOT projects in Northern Virginia. We are having claims to VDOT. I would like to know that you have claims experience with VDOT. Thanks....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
Waiting for answerAdd commentFeb 5, 2023
VirginiaConstruction Contract
I want to know what the minimum is for lien waivers. Do I legally have to use all 4? Conditional progress, unconditional progress, conditional final and unconditional final? I want us to be covered but don't want any unnecessary work :)...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
1 answerAdd commentOct 14, 2022
i did this concrete job last year i put lien before the dead line , but i never get pay...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
1 answerAdd commentOct 14, 2022