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Danetta Haynes
Controller at Intl. Marble Industries

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Subcontract Template

Subcontractor Agreement for Construction — Free Template Download

Subcontractor Agreement for Construction -- Free Template Download. It's natural to hate complex paperwork, but a subcontractor agreement should always be in writing. Here's a free download of a simple...

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What Does "Pay When Paid" Mean?

What Does “Pay-When-Paid” Mean?

In the construction business, everything comes down to the contract. And that's unfortunate because most of the people who make up the construction industry aren't lawyers, they're contractors, builders, and...

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Change Order Form

Change Order Form — Free Template Download and Best Practices

Change Order Form - Free Template Download. It's essential for contractors to get their change orders in writing since unapproved change orders can lead to significant financial losses. This change...

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Set the right

Start the job making sure you are seen by the owner and the GC. Levelset’s Research Team helps you find the right contacts and send friendly preliminary notices to get you first in line for payment.

Make your paperwork perfect

Always send the right paperwork at the right time to speed up your payment. The Levelset Platform saves you time and stress by making notices, waivers, and pay apps easy to manage in-house.

Keep relationships healthy

Communicate with others in your payment chain to resolve any issues before they flare up. You can directly contact and level with the owner, lender, or GC through the Levelset Platform.

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