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What You’ll Find on Levelset Subcontractor Profiles

Payment Health

See a subcontractor's payment and company health.

Great Project Right Partners

Find the best project partners who pay suppliers quickly and avoid project slowdowns or liens.

Subcontractor Reputation

Check a subcontractor’s reputation. See what other Suppliers and GCs are saying about subcontractors you know.

Frequently Asked Questions about Finding the Best Subcontractors

I’m a GC, what should I be looking for in a subcontractor?

Generally, GCs should be very concerned with the subcontractors they bring onto a project and a subcontractor’s payment health. General Contractors should typically be collecting lien waivers from subcontractors to avoid liens on projects that could slow down projects. With the payment profiles, general contractors can check how many liens a subcontractor has filed or how many times a subcontractor has been responsible for a lien such as not paying a supplier who then filed a lien on a project. Property Owners and Developers typically put a lot of faith in General Contractors to not only do good construction work but ensure payment and all the administrative work is handled effectively too. With the Levelset Payment Profiles, General Contractors can see what other GCs are saying about subs they work with, examine all the jobs a subcontractor has been on, and even the subcontracting company’s health.

I’m a Supplier, how should I be evaluating subcontractors?

Suppliers typically need to be checking a subcontractor’s trustworthiness and ability to pay when a subcontractor applies for credit. It’s not only important to look at outstanding debts a supplier might find on a credit report, but it’s also important to see what other Suppliers have said about a subcontractor and see a breakdown of the jobs the subcontractor is on right now. Seeing this job breakdown could help a credit manager at a Material Supply or Equipment Lessor company feel better knowing they’re extending credit confidently and can expect payment per the contract terms.

I’m a property owner, why should I care about a subcontractor I hire or on my project?

If a property owner wants to avoid mechanics liens on a project, they need to have awareness and visibility of everyone on the project including subcontractors. Property Owners that avoid liens typically hire a General Contractor they trust and that subs and suppliers trust as a good payer. Owners should be asking the GC who else is on the project and collect lien waivers every time payment is made. Knowing the subcontractors on your project is critical for ensuring good work and for successful projects without delays or liens.

What should subcontractors be doing on every project to avoid delays or payment disputes?

Subcontractors can avoid delays or payment disputes by sending preliminary notices to the general contractor and property owner on a project. While these construction payment rules vary by state, typically subs can avoid issues by sending prelims and requesting lien waivers from the suppliers a sub works with. Making sure owners know you are on a project by sending a prelim, especially if you’re a sub or a sub-sub, could reduce days-sales-outstanding (DSO) and get you paid faster.

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great customer

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Kerry Gooman, the Project Manager, is very nice and negotiated politely during the whole process.

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Numerous problems with Lucas paying their bills resulting in Liens being filed against the Owner and/or General Contractor.

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