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Learn more about the people behind the articles, information, and answers published on the Levelset website. Our expert network includes an in-house team of lawyers, editors, and writers, as well as accountants, financial advisors, and construction attorneys from around the country.

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The Levelset Payment Help Center is not your average law forum, and these are not your average lawyers. This community of attorneys includes some of the country’s most experienced construction lawyers who specialize in providing legal services to contractors, suppliers, and others in the construction industry.

These independent attorneys provide free expert answers to legal questions about construction payment in every U.S. state.

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Levelset is committed to providing accurate information that you can trust. We strive to identify and fix factual mistakes as quickly as possible. Please submit errors for correction to the editorial team at content@levelset.com.

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Levelset publishes entirely original content that provides the most accurate, relevant, and trustworthy information about the payment process in the construction industry. The primary goal of our content is always to help first, rather than to promote a product or service — even our own. We consistently aim to deliver content that helps construction professionals make informed decisions and protect their payment rights.

For questions, comments, or complaints about our content and the editorial process, please contact the editorial team at content@levelset.com.

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We work rigorously to ensure your information is secure by leveraging world-class technology platforms and following security best practices.

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We envision a world where no one in construction loses a night’s sleep over payment. Certain parameters are necessary for our platform to help you towards that goal.

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