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Get updates and notifications as soon as something happens on your project or with an owner you work with. See when others have filed liens, reported slow payment, or exchanged waivers and preliminary notices.

Recent Reviews about Property Owners and Developers

Don't respond to phone calls and takes days to respond to emails when it's about money. When they do respond they give you the same dry story over and over. 1 year into a small pro... Read More

6 days ago

Paid at 27 days old

19 days ago

Horrible payments, way less than a 1 percent return on our investment over the entire time we have had a relationship with them. There have been zero communications with managing... Read More

20 days ago

Always pays on time with no issues.

24 days ago

paid at 78 days old

27 days ago

paid at 41 days old

27 days ago

Company was a true pleasure to service!

28 days ago

The owners of this company helped me get my payment from the GC. The owners had paid the GC and the GC never paid us (sub-contractor) for the work we did. Property manager for this... Read More

a month ago

Best Builder in Atlanta Georgia. Awesome customer service

a month ago

This company is inept, poorly managed and has no regard for tenant rights to proper maintenance , consistent and quality repairs and upkeep and overall dereliction of maintenance ... Read More

a month ago

According to the checks that have been mailed had the the name of the business and when it came to the bank information there was no address for the bank. And apparently there was ... Read More

a month ago

I wish I could give negative zeros! They have created more damage than was present when they stepped first foot in my home. I believe there is FRAUD going on with government progra... Read More

a month ago

Beck does not pay invoices in timely manner. I would caution any interested trades that are looking to work for 10square.

a month ago

payed owner was true to his word.

a month ago

Pay terms are extremely slow, paperwork is difficult and scutinized relentlessly and rejected for the smallest detail. Rules and procedures are constantly changing.

a month ago