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Recent Reviews about Property Owners and Developers

They dont pay bills, We had to force a foreclosure to get paid. Took 3 years.


Very little communication between the builder, the sales person and the buyer. Theft on the property which delayed process. Cheap fixtures and materials

6 days ago

0/10. Owe our company over 30K and will not return calls, emails or collection letter from lawyer

6 days ago

Many over one million dollar contracts with NorthView. They are easy to work with if you do your job but hold your feet to the fire if you get out of line. Love working with them.

11 days ago

When paying current payment, they usually pay the previous month's Retention.

13 days ago

Slow to very slow

14 days ago

I haven't been able to get paid for the jobs or work I've done in 12/21

18 days ago

pays as promised, could not ask for a better customer than Murry Seidner!

27 days ago

Really difficult to contact accounting if there is any trouble with payments.

a month ago

We have done business with Steinbridge in PA and NY. They are super professional, pay timely, and have a great working culture.

a month ago

Worst builder we've ever worked for. Like the other reviews say, RUN! It's not worth the hassle. We are still owed money after over a year despite liens and hiring an attorney. ... Read More

a month ago

Unavailable - unreachable,

a month ago

Pay faster than 90 days!

a month ago

Will Hardly ever pay the Full PO invoice. Most likely to skip out on paying certain portions which leaves the Subs hired by the GC hung out to dry with no payment. All this on job... Read More

a month ago

I am subcontractor and CALTRANS is not paying contractor. Currently 150 days out.

a month ago