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A lot of folks, from the construction business and from other industries as well, long for the good ‘ole days of handshake deals. As it’s often said – “It was a simpler time.” That’s true — for both the construction business and for construction contracts.

These days, even the most run-of-the-mill construction project requires collaboration from a number of different, independent businesses. Thus, the agreements to perform construction have also become more complex and specialized. So, while we may long for the days of handshakes, the toothpaste is already out of the tube — written contracts are how business is done.

For an industry that generates more than its fair share of paper, it’s somewhat surprising that contractors and others in the construction business have a reputation for hating paperwork. Maybe it’s because said paperwork has gotten so darn complicated.

Enough is enough!

Simple Subcontractor AgreementFree Template Download

The benefits of getting a deal in writing are clear: written agreements ensure that both parties have the right contact information for each other, making communication on the job infinitely easier. Plus, having a written contract can also go a long way toward protecting yourself if problems do end up popping up on the job.

But we at levelset happen to believe that a simple, straightforward, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand legal agreement will do just fine for most situations.

A solid, effective subcontractor agreement can be as simple as defining the party’s responsibilities on the project and the contracting parties’ obligations to each other. That’s why staff attorneys here at levelset have created a simple subcontract agreement that can serve as a template for a variety of uses. 

Free Subcontractor Agreement Template Available for Download

To download your free Subcontractor Agreement template (as an editable Word document), simply click the box below.

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Subcontractor Agreement for Construction -- Free Template Download. It's natural to hate complex paperwork, but a subcontractor agreement should always be in writing. Here's a free download of a simple subcontractor agreement that should work for most of your projects and jobs.
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