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Construction payment help is here for you. Find resources written, edited, and curated by construction payment experts made for credit professionals like you.

Gloria Macias

“No more guessing work. I send the right notices at the right time. The easy to use online resources have been a life saver.”

Gloria Macias, Director of Credit &
Collections - Gypsum Supply

Popular tools for credit professionals

Take the credit management course: Fundamentals of Credit Management

In this free online course, Thea Dudley coaches you to be the credit manager everyone wants on their team.

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Learn from credit pros just like you in the community

The Payment Professional community is the best way to connect with peers that understand the challenges you face, and have insight on how to solve them. Connect with others and seize opportunities together.

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Start every job with peace of mind with Contractor Profiles

Learn more about how to work with contractors and what you should do to speed up payment.

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The Credit Overlord's Guide to Credit & Collections

How to deal with cranky customers, bad bosses, and snarky sales reps as a credit professional in construction.

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Guide to Credit & Collections

Knowledge base for credit managers

Credit management basics

Learn the fundamentals of credit management from these how-to guides, templates, and articles created by seasoned credit managers to help you advance your career.

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For credit teams

Learn how the best credit teams run their business with tips for reducing risk, building great teams, and more.

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Get your customers paid faster

Find helpful resources on how to speed up payment and build better customer relationships by empowering them to get paid faster.

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Credit departments and credit managers love their key performance indicators (KPIs). Compute your KPIs with ease using these calculators.

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