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Exchanging lien waivers are one of the most important documents to exchange when completing a construction project because it serves as a “proof of payment“. This page lists out all 50 U.S. States Lien Waiver forms to download for free categorized by when the lien waiver should be exchanged along with other lien waiver requirements and information. To download a free lien waiver form, simply find your state, the specific lien waiver form you need, and click download.

For property owners, collecting lien waivers means making sure all contractors on a project got paid and there won’t be a surprise lien on their property. For those requesting lien waivers, like General Contractors, it helps maintain good relationships between them and property owners that they pay their subs and suppliers. For Subcontractors and Suppliers, sending waivers means getting paid faster and fairly.

There are four types of lien waivers (conditional vs unconditional lien waivers and progress vs. final lien waivers) that should be exchanged at different stages of a project and 12 U.S. states actually have specific lien waiver forms statutorily required to be valid (including California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona). Using the wrong form could invalidate the lien waiver if questioned in court should a payment problem arise.

Questions You May Have About Choosing & Using A Lien Waiver Form

Need some help figuring out which lien waiver form you need? Here are some frequently asked Lien Waiver form questions to help you download the correct lien waiver form template.

Which Lien Waiver form do I need?

The specific lien waiver form you need will vary depending on the state where labor or materials were furnished. You will need to download the specific form for that state. So if work was performed in California, you will need a California Lien waiver. If work was performed in Texas, you will need a Texas Lien Waiver. Additionally, the specific lien waiver form for that state depends on the project's status and if payment has been made. Partial lien waivers are sent while a project is ongoing and you are waiving lien rights to specific work completed. Final lien waivers should be exchanged when a project is completed. Conditional Lien Waivers should be exchanged if payment has not been made. This means lien rights will be waived if and when payment is made. Unconditional lien waivers are exchanged when payment has already been made. These should only be be exchanged when payment has been made. Exchanging these lien waivers before payment could mean non-payment as your lien rights will be waived if signed.

How can I send a lien waiver form that I downloaded?

This will depend on the paying party. Some use technologies for exchanging lien waivers digitally while others prefer mailed lien waivers. In general, it's always a good idea to send them than not to, even if just via email. Electronic signatures and lien waivers are valid according to federal U.S. law.

Lien Waiver Requirements & FAQs

Need more help with your Lien Waivers? Choose your state from the map below to read about the Lien Waiver requirements in your state, including frequently asked questions, guides, and more.

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