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Find detailed payment history, reviews from other contractors, and be the first to know when a property owner or developer is slow paying a project.

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Find property details, who's working on a project, and sign up for project updates including any filed liens and more.

Learn more about who's financing projects, reviews from other companies, and get updates about lenders on your projects.

"Another great Feature in Levelset is Payment Profiles. We can decide before we even put the time and effort into estimating a big project whether that contractor is someone we'd like to work with or not, which is really great."

Kimberly Fannin, Office Manager at Chabert Pluming
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does payment profile data come from?

Payment Profile data is collected from 3 places: the Levelset database, public data, and construction data partnerships. Levelset’s 20,000 customers manage over 4+ million construction projects across the United States and exchange $150 million in payment claims and liens every month. This project data is aggregated and reported on Payment Profiles when a document is filed or sent to a contractor. Along with this, our team sources county recorder data for documents filed directly with a county. Levelset currently has on record 60% of all recorded U.S. mechanics liens with county recorders. Lastly, some construction data is collected and aggregated from 3rd party sources to help make the Levelset model smarter.

How is the payment score calculated?

Payment speed for each contractor takes into account all contractor records in our database of 4+ million active projects worth over $30 billion where more than 750k documents have been exchanged. The dynamic machine intelligence model projects payment speed by reviewing all documents exchanged in our database, grouping documents by type, analyzing the number of documents received per company, the number of users sending documents to specific contractors, and how recently slow or non-payment occurred. The model then relatively scores a contractor based off this activity compared to other contractors in the industry to assign a payment score on a scale of 0-100. These are then assigned a letter grade.

How can I improve my payment score?

  • . Make a Levelset account and submit projects. Create a free account and enter past projects where there was no slow payment or non payment.
  • 2
  • . Exchange lien waivers and request preliminary notices through Levelset on every job
  • 3
  • . Be upfront with what you expect from subcontractors and vendors and pay quickly
  • 4
  • . Claim your profile - this allows you to customize info and collaborate with others easier. This won’t help your score directly, but it’ll help avoid payment problems if a vendor knows who to call about slow pay.

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"Levelset helps my company stay proactive by vetting customers with payment profiles."
James, Credit Manager

"The Payment Profiles gave me confidence to go full steam ahead into new partnerships with General Contractors."
Pam, Office Manager

"I was excited to see the insights like active liens other companies have filed on the jobs I'm on. I'm the hero at the office with this information."
Wendy, AR Administrator