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I was doing work on a friend's house per verbal agreement, we had an altercation due to false accusations so I surrendered and walked away requesting payment for the work I had done. They refused to payment, can I file a lien?...Read More
I emailed imy invoice to a company I did work for. They said they wanted more detailed invoice. Then they ask for names of employees, hours worked, what they did and on what day and whats their hourly wage. My invoice I turned in was from joist application. Nothing wrong with it at all. I just need to know what the law requires. Thank you....Read More
KansasPay Applications
Due to Convid 19/economical decline, the client cut down the contractual building height of a large hotel project to half, can the contractor claim for the profit loss or terminate the contract?...Read More
New YorkConstruction Contract
recover rental deposit, $500 without going to small claim court, used a collection co,very difficult landlord. Maybe place a lien, your thought? ...Read More
I need to file a Claim against a bond on a School Project in Maryland. I cannot seem to find the Maryland Little Milller Act Claim Form. ...Read More
MarylandBond Claims
Hello, I have a small roll off dumpster company in Missouri. We have provided service to a company on multiple jobs/locations. Somewhere @ $18K owed. What are your costs to pursue this? Ron Gabbard...Read More
MissouriMechanics Lien
I’d like to learn more about the process of collecting payment from my customer as a GC in new york...Read More
New York
I worked on my exes house set a price and did wrk. Cleaning up and painted got it ready for her to move in basically and cleaned front and back yrd lot of metal and garbage to get rid of .did all that and now she says she dnt know when she can pay me .can i put a lien on her house .she owes me 1200 ...Read More
CaliforniaLien on Funds
I had a roof replacement I paid them in full $4,059 and now they are trying to charge me another $650 their crew went through my bathroom ceiling they would not fix it and I had to pay someone to fix it the contractor is now threatening to file a lien for the $650 what can I do...Read More
I hired a contractor to build a barn. I paid him for all the work. 5 months after project finished the brick sub contractor left a note in my mailbox saying he wasn't paid in full. He filed a small claims suit for 7k against me. I went to the hearing and showed my cancelled check which included the brickwork. The judge told him to subpoena the contractor to show up in court. The hearing is in 2 months. Does the subcontractor have a case against me or should he sue the contractor. I'm in Texas and the contractor won't return my calls or the subcontractor. Any advice is appreciated. ...Read More
I signed an NOC with a roofer. I filled a claim with my insurance company but the insurance company refused to pay the claim. I was forced to hire an attorney and sue the insurance company. I won the settlement and now the roofer's price went from$19,000 to $27,000. Subsequently, I got 2 more roofing estimates at $15,000 and $16,000. Will I have legal issues with the original roofer if I choose to go with one of the cheaper roofers?...Read More
The situation: A hard money lender is financing a residential fix and flip project in the state of Massachusetts, and a mechanics lien was filed correctly with preliminary notice and intent. Lumber has been supplied to the borrower on the project, and the lumber supplier has not yet been paid for the materials supplied to the location. Is the supplier protected to recoup the value of the materials on the project location? If so, what events are possible to occur where the lumber supplier could not be repaid back by either the lender or borrower?...Read More
MassachusettsMechanics Lien