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Public storage broke my lock when I was 43 days late. Then I paid it off. But the lock was broken. Is there a law to a time before tampering with the property?...Read More
FloridaLien Priority
I Am an independent contractor ,I did a remodel for a local doctor I had several cabinets custom built , a library ladder and several other items done. reworked the whole master closet and refinished the trim on the two areas. for a total of about 8500 dollars. This was about 18 moths ago. There were 2 things he was unhappy with at the time, I told him I would fix, a drawer and a cabinet door were warped. time went by and for personal reasons (my son was born) I put it in the back burner. He never called or followed up. when I sent Him a bill 6 months ago he refused to pay anything...Read More
Hello Sir, i must say you have explained playing the race card very well but what should be the strategy when customers play this way. Sir most physical retailers also face false customer claims. I have red this article, it helped me a little bit but i want you to go through this and suggest me some better ideas. below is the article link, thank you Strategies to resolve customer’s false claims ...Read More
KansasBond Claims
When should a change order be placed in the customer hands? after or before the change order work is done?...Read More
South CarolinaConstruction Contract
we have a Leon placed on our property by a restoration company for not paying a fraudulent invoice of 12,000. How can we prove this and get lien released...Read More
CaliforniaLien Foreclosure
I’m a contractor working on a large commercial project inside a Mall. I finished my work on the job last month but haven’t gotten paid and my customer isn’t returning my calls. I sent the preliminary notice late and in our contract our client signed an arbitration of disputes form. How can I collect payment if I cannot file a lien?...Read More
CaliforniaStop Notice
In CA if there is no contract signed, can contractors file mechanics lien against the property? ...Read More
CaliforniaMechanics Lien
A client has informed me that he is considering a bankruptcy filing...we are owed fees that were invoiced for last December. Need to obtain legal protection against this looming bankrpuptcy. ...Read More
We are a supplier working on a public project, with some invoiced items that are past due by several months. The are different purchase orders for the multiple material supplied. We need to know what the legalities are for withholding delivery of pending material (it's ready to ship) until payment on delinquent account is settled. And, we need to know what the legalities are for us changing payment terms on the pending material to Cash In Advance. ...Read More
The Subcontractor hired by my company just filed NTO dated 10/14/2020 on a job he first arrived on June 1, 2020. Can the subcontractor file a Notice To Owner so late?...Read More
FloridaMechanics LienPreliminary Notice
My documents are being mailed today/tomorrow to all parties. The customers lawyer reached out today and sent a copy of our check and is requesring we bring the final lien waiver and collect the check. Do we try to have the lien released now or let it go thru and then have it removed (assuming they make payment)...Read More
New York
How do I file a property lien due to not receiving a settlement in a divorce? ...Read More
GeorgiaLien Foreclosure
I had a concrete company give a me a quote to install a new garage floor in one of my buildings. He did not preview the job before giving me a price. I agreed to that price. When he came to measure the job i asked him to take a look at another concrete slab i wanted to get done also, he stated is would not be a problem to get it done in the same day. I asked if he wanted to measure it and he said he would do it the day of. He did not give me a price for this work. The day came where he completed the work, both the agreed upon garage floor and the additional concrete slab. He gave me a bill for the work that showed the agreed upon price of roughly $4 Per sq Ft. and a price of $4.50 per sq ft for the additional slab that was less concrete and less finishing. The garage floor was 840 Sqft requiring 16.5 yards of concrete with a price of $3300. The additional slab was 806 sqft and 14 yards of concrete with a price of $3627. How can he change his price per square ft if it was thinner and less finishing? Especially when he never gave me a price or rates for the additional slab prior to completing the work....Read More
WisconsinMechanics Lien