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Welcome to our community of thousands of contractors and suppliers making construction payment fast, easy, and friendly. 

We have recurring payment classes that give you a deep dive into your account and how to apply best practices for getting paid quickly and ensuring smooth jobs. Sign up for a  webinar or view recorded ones.

Below are tutorials you can use to quickly get set up in your account.

Set Up Your Account

Setting up your account should just take a few minutes. Start by adding your company info, lines of business, and then some recent jobs so you can start tracking deadlines, sending documents, and managing all your jobs in one place. We recommend starting with the 5 things you need to do to set up your account.

Setting Up Your Account FAQs & Resources

Tutorial: How to Set Up Your Account in 5 Easy Steps

Tutorial: How to Add a Project into Your Levelset Account

Tutorial: Postage and Mailing Fees

Track Your Deadlines

Keeping track of what is legally required of you on a construction project is a real headache because it changes depending on the state, project type, and who you were hired by. Then, keeping track of when the different documents are due is another added layer of confusion! Luckily, you have Levelset to do all that for you so that you can be sure your jobs are protected and your payments are prompt. 

Let Levelset walk you through each step of a job with Project Milestones. Find out what is required of you based on the job details and state you're working in while also seeing optional documents that are helpful in prompting and speeding up payment.

Adding and updating dates to your jobs is very important! It helps us calculate your deadlines so you're sending the right document at the right time.

Tutorial: Use Project Milestones to Send the Right Document at the Right Time

How to Send a Document

Once you have your dates and know your deadlines, sending a document is easy!

FAQs & Resources

Tutorial: How To Send a Preliminary Notice in Your Levelset Account

Tutorial: How to eSign and Complete a Waiver Request

Tutorial: How to Track and/or Cancel a Document

Pro tip: Want to set every job up for success? Watch this webinar to see what you should do at the start of every job. Watch now!

Send & Request Waivers

Waivers are used in the construction world as a receipt of payment. There are lots of different kinds so it's important to know which one you need for what scenario. Learn more about them in the "Document Resources" section of this walkthrough.

Send a Waiver

Sending a waiver tells your customer you're ready to get paid and waive your lien rights. Usually, it's a good way to prompt quick payment! Here's how to do it from your Levelset account:


Request a Waiver

You can also request waivers through Levelset to protect yourself against liens. Here's how:

FAQs & Resources

Tutorial: How to Request Waivers from Subcontractors and Sub-Tiers
Pro tip: You can save time by letting your lien waivers and payment reminders run in the background - without you having to worry about it. Learn how!

How to Order an Escalation Document

Having trouble getting paid on a job? Escalation Documents like Notices of Intent or Notices to Owner might help you prompt payment.


How to Order a Last Resort Document

Tired of waiting to get paid? Generally, the just sending/filing a Mechanics Lien is powerful enough to prompt your payment. But in the case where you still do not receive payment, the absolute final step means enforcing the lien (AKA initiating a foreclosure lawsuit) by bringing them to court. Now that is very rare, but, to be safe, it’s important to keep tabs on your lien enforcement deadline as well because if you don’t initiate the foreclosure lawsuit by this deadline, the lien will expire. 

How to Add Your Invoices

Adding your invoices into Levelset is crucial for ensuring your documents go out at the right time for the right amount (especially if you do work in Texas). Here's how you can easily keep track of your AR and AP:

How to Set up an Integration

Levelset integrates with several other tools you use to get paid and organize jobs. Integrations help you get things done faster!

Quickbooks FAQs & Resources

Other Integration FAQs & Resources

How to Import your Jobs & Other Data

Using a data import can make getting jobs into your account simple and easy. Learn how to use them here.

How to Set Up Your "Queue"

If you’ve setup Document Rules in Levelset, you’re on the path towards simplifying and automating your document ordering process. Your documents now pull into one area of your account – the Queue – where you can approve, snooze, or cancel them as needed.

Queue FAQs & Resources

Scout Research Settings

Scout Research helps you see everyone on your jobs to make payment fast and easy.

Scout helps you minimize risk on all fronts and get accurate information on your jobs so you can get your documents to the right people to set expectations from the start and avoid bad outcomes like liens. Scout finds: 

  • Property owner, GC, and surety information 
  • Legal property description
  • Project type

There are three levels of Scout Research:

  • Level 1: Standard Scout fills in missing property information using the most comprehensive database of construction jobs in the United States.
  • Level 2: Pro A Scout Pro personally investigates your job using other advanced and exclusive sources of information to complete property information with over 98% accuracy.
  • Level 3: Ultimate A Scout Pro will do everything possible via calls and emails to get in touch with people on your job and pin down hard to-find information not available online such as GC and surety details.

Scout FAQs & Resources

Document Rules

Getting the right documents to the right people at the right time on all your jobs is complicated and timeconsuming. Doc Rules gives you full control to cover all of your company’s needs in less time. Create custom rules to prioritize tasks, send documents automatically to meet all your deadlines, and remove busywork.

Document Rules allow you to stay in control while saving time as Doc Rules runs in the background. There are three levels of processing:

  • Hands-Off: Documents are automatically prepared and sent based on your preferences.
  • Low-Touch: Your Queue will make suggestions and fulfill documents based on your preferences but you can approve, snooze, or dismiss before a document is sent.
  • Hands-On: You receive suggestions and handle documents on a case-by-case basis.


Document Rules FAQs & Resources

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