Notice of Intent to Make Prompt Payment Claim Form

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Notice of Intent to Make Prompt Payment Claim Form

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This is not a required document in any state, however, it can still be effective to speed up payments. By sending this notice, a claimant can show that they mean business – if slow payments continue to be an issue on the project, the claimant will not sit idly by.

Notice of Intent to Make Prompt Payment Claim Form

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Adding a prompt payment clause

I will would like to add a "Prompt Payment Clause" to our "Affidavit of Payment Form" to reinsure payment. Can someone help me with the verbiage? Our Affidavit of Payment is for Subcontractor (me) to Prime Contractor.

What i can dot to collect money if company change owner ship

I m a subcontractor for Metco landscape doing snow removal plow truck @ ball arena they owe us 34K science Jan 28th they , but we hear we are not the only one with out pay & the dont provide information , but we hear that they will change owner ship promt by the 15 of this Month & not sure what do...

Do I have a right to receipt of payment to a subcontractor made by contractor?

We had a roof put on our house about 1 year ago. We just got a bill from a subcontractor saying they were not paid and will put a lien on our house. Contractor says they were paid and "not to worry" because they have to file a complaint within 20 days and did not. From what I can tell,...

Non-payment of a subcontractor how do I go about getting paid

So my question is I was contracted to do stucco for a company I was a subcontractor they asked if I could do some drywall it's not my expertise but I do know how to do drywall I had did some drywall the previous two weeks and a couple other different jobs when it came time to get paid we only...

Do FL payment laws apply

Hello, We are a 2nd tier sub on a project we have been complete on for 7 months on one building, 5 months on the other. Both projects are privately owned. Both have separate notice to owners filed. Both are part of a multi-building park complex in FL. We did not sign a contract with the first tier...

Is this legal?

This is a part of a contract that I, after 17 years in the business have run across, and would like to get an opinion on the legalities. I live in the Pittsburgh area. C. The Company will deduct $100 from each paycheck until a retainer is met in the amount of $1500.00 to be held by the company. The...

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