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Played 2048. Give me a link if you have one for this game. But please can this post without the casino ...Read More
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Recommend a company that has a good reputation...Read More
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The insurance company I'm dealing with doesn't want to pay for the materials we purchased on the month we actually purchased them, but wants to pay us using prices from a different month which of course are at a lower cost than what we paid....Read More
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A doctors office owes me $800 and they issued me a check for$523 with "paid in full" in the memo field. Is this binding in florida? We are both in Florida....Read More
Clark Paris
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I have been served with a mechanic's lien by my contractor for services rendered. I presently do not have the entire amount to pay him. What can I do to prevent any further litigation?...Read More
Catherine Jenkins
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We have a La Quinta in Conyers that still has not paid a bill from Sept. 2022 and kepts saying it was sent for payment. What can I do? It is now Feb 3rd and still not payment of word. ...Read More
Teresa Dobbs
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I’m sub-contractor been doing driveway and patios, but a GC is asking me to install and finish concrete only on 24 story building. What is the cost per square feet should I charge him?...Read More
Alejandro Eapinales
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TennesseeProfessional Development
Hallway Plumbing LLC 5750 Commerce Blvd Suite 300 Alpharetta GA 30004...Read More
Julie Martino
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If a company intends to back charge a subcontractor, what is the proper accounting entry to be made and when can it made: Would the entry be a debit to AR - Backcharges and a Credit to an Expense account? Would that occur when the back charges is asserted? Or should back charges be deferred on the balance sheet, for instance with a credit to a Deferred Backcharges account, and only recognized on the P&L when the subcontractor actually issues credit or pays back the amount backcharged?...Read More
Thomas Buechel
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Construction close to N Roessler St in Monroe Mi 48162,, What type of construction is going on??...Read More
Frederick Smith Smith
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MichiganCustomer Relationships
I need to know how much this service will cost and if our proposals can be used as a contract?...Read More
Heather Combs
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How hard is it to get hired when you have a disability?...Read More
Brooke Pulsford
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Hey! I'm already fed up with the fact that money comes from the casino for a very long time. Tell me a casino with fast payout!...Read More
Dima Zhelud
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Do you have any interest that makes you have fun? Maybe you play some games? ...Read More
natiol natali
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CaliforniaProfessional Development
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Annarose rose
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CaliforniaProfessional Development