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I am a home owner and consulted with an architect on whether or not to add on to our home. We agreed with a handshake to an initial concept for $1000. We never authorized the architect to move past concept since we still did not know if we could afford to do the project or if we should move. Now I am in collections with a 4850.00 invoice and the agreement he submitted to collections was not signed by any of us. What is my recourse?...Read More
Lana Erickson
Waiting for answerAdd commentSep 16, 2021
im a sub contractor and i finished my work but the GC keeps making stuff up to complain about and i feel they are trying not to pay me, when can i file a lien...Read More
kyle kania
Waiting for answerAdd commentSep 15, 2021
Hi my name is Lavonne Mcallister I’ve been working for millennia properties as landscaper and getting paid has been like pulling a tooth.they pay when they want and get upset when u ask for it but right now I have a dept of about 38 plus thousand dollars I have invoices showing paper trail,along with emails,text messages full of requests to work,and broken promises to pay me n my workers have transformed this property and we need to be paid today they basically told ne to get an account to collect debt and flaunted how long it would take and how I would receive less someone please help I’m a small business owner who has dedicated my hard earned time n money to maintenance this property what I thought was my blessing has turned out to be a nightmare ...Read More
Lavonne McAllister
1 answerAdd commentSep 15, 2021
Im getting ready to start a project in Tennesee not sure of the correct forms and process for this state?...Read More
Victor Ringot
Waiting for answerAdd commentSep 15, 2021
We leased a building in Center Line MI, the lease ended 7-31-21. We still didn't receive our security deposit. Can I file a lien against the building?...Read More
Edward Voss
1 answerAdd commentSep 13, 2021
It states that my payment but be not paid back because I missed a deadline?...Read More
Ariel Maia
1 answerAdd commentSep 13, 2021
Hi, I notice at the the bottom of our prelim that it says signed by Carrie Ogle, but it has Chad Schmidt signature. Will that make it null and void? The project is over we are just trying to fight for payment and we dont want this to be a problem for us. ...Read More
Carrie Ogle
1 answerAdd commentSep 10, 2021
We're a material supplier in California, our customer cancelled part of their order for a public project. Prior to them cancelling there was sufficient correspondence from us inquiring as to whether they needed a portion to be cancelled, notified them they would be liable for any costs incurred prior to them cancelling, and received official notice after certain costs were incurred for that part of the order. They are disputing the charges associated with that part of the order and indicated they'd only pay for what they are not disputing. Payment for the undisputed portion (that of what was delivered to the customer) has been received. The remaining part of the order remains at our location but we are left with over $7k in unpaid work. The prelim filed was for the full purchase order amount, but I don't think I can do anything about the remaining portion as it's still at our location. ...Read More
Monica Heredia
Waiting for answerAdd commentSep 13, 2021
i only get an SSI check a creditor wants to put a lien on my things the bill was over 9yrs old i only bought 2 blouses and they want to charge me 8 hundred dollars sending me a summons i have no vehicles or property i need my bank account to pay bills and rent can they freeze my bank account i am disabled...Read More
paula scotch
1 answerAdd commentSep 10, 2021
New York
I am working with an owner of a hotel who is refusing to provide a copy of the certificate of occupancy to a potential long-term contractor. Is there any reason not to provide the information?...Read More
L. Campbell
1 answerAdd commentSep 10, 2021
PennsylvaniaRisk Management
We are buying out a partner who was listed as a guarantor on two construction bonds. The projects are nearly finished, they total $2.4M in contract value, and we have been paid to date $2.0M. The Bonding company will relinquish the partners secured interest if we provide a $500,000 ISLOC. The other option is to re-issue the bonds, which is not likely to occur and considerably expensive. The remaining two partners are still secured parties on these bonds and such moving forward. Is this a good Idea? How does this negatively impact our business/credit?...Read More
Reuben Ford
1 answerAdd commentSep 9, 2021
We have some customers who owe us money for completed pest control work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We don't fall into the Mechanic's Lien....Read More
Tracy Bayley
1 answerAdd commentSep 9, 2021