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My company is a federally registered sub-contracted company called Cassini Solutions LLC dba CS BANK & Trust. Back in December, I signed up to be a Secretary of Hud Lender and also remitted funds to pay for a person who is no longer alive and the house was foreclosed back in 2018. I sent remittance of funds to pay for what this man owed when an unlawful contractor was upset that I redeemed this property. There was a discharged mortgage sent to the local register of deeds office and decided to pursue what is now called the unhand the land initiative in the #1 area in the country of Abandoned home to person ratio. I have recommended and stoped my planning to redeem a small fraction of over 220,000 abandoned homes in my area. The deed is not recorded and I have reason to believe the register of deeds in the county is committing fraud. The Secretary of HUD is no longer responding to me and I do believe did send the transfer title I requested back in December and I had a couple of revisions that needed to take place and sent the revised package back in January on the 11th 2021. There is a new SEC HUD administration and they are the only ones with a lien on the building. I did start major construction and even set up my office there that has an unlawful UNSANITARY NOTICE ON THE DOOR because the town's assessment office refused to turn on my water until the register deed title was transferred into my name. I hate to Sue the (SEC HUD or put a lien for the amount I have authorized payment for and I have not renewed our contract) I would like to file a notice of intent to file a mechanic's or construction lien for time invested, loss of wages, emotional stress, and damages, infringement of my copyrighted work and statutory damages and I am now working out of a broken-down trailer that was supposed to be under construction and has mold on the out side of the property. If you could please advise what I should do I would like to explore all options and have this poor man whom his beloved jewish son is crying out online video to be put to rest....Read More
Suhila Cassini
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I currently perform residential lender draw inspections in North Florida for two national companies, and one local Credit Union. I am interested in finding a couple more inspection concerns to receive jobs from. From your website, I wasn’t able to determine if that is a service you provide to lenders, either in house, or through independent contractors such as myself. Please advise me if that is part of what your company does, and if so, are you currently looking for inspectors in my area. If not, do you by chance have a list of companies like I’m looking for that provide lender draw inspections in North Floria? Thank you in advance for any information you could pass along. Duane Truman / datruman@me.com / 904-626-8551...Read More
Duane Truman
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Storage company auction my belongings after a late payment and won’t work with me to get it payed...Read More
Angel Richardson
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Customer Relationships
The customer is now paid in full and I need to remove the lien...Read More
Shannon Martin
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We repaired a machine for a customer and not getting paid. the customer rents the building in which he is located. When I file the Notice of Intent to Lien, am I putting the lien on the machine or the building? ...Read More
Anne Ludgate
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Vendor / Supplier sent over invoices from last year which some are over 1year/3 months old. What are the rights of the company to collect these invoices?...Read More
Andre Arceneaux
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if the company vendor agreement mention 'work order and payment make after thirty (30) days of receipt of the invoice' and I want change to 'work order and payment make after thirty (30) days and within 35 days of receipt of the invoice'. but other part not agree. What I should do?...Read More
Susan Chen
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Hi, Where can I find information on how a property owner can claim against a performance bond for a GC? They will not provide the name or control info of their bonding company ...Read More
Susan Stanger
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I have a client who has now cancelled the contract now for the second time and I need advise on how to charge for the time I've spent rewriting scopes changes contracts etc. Do you have any formulas for this...Read More
Cheryl Hook
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Home owners insurance...Read More
Trever Red
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If there is an abandoned property across the street that has people doing drugs inside the home could I pay the back taxes and put a lien on the home to eventually own the property?...Read More
Jenicka Clausen
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need to know what the latest date is that we can put a lien on this company, the work was done 2/26/2021 and the bill was due on 3/28/2021....Read More
Laura Carlson
1 answerAdd commentApr 20, 2021
We have a customer that has still not paid their bill in full and we are wondering if you can apply finance charges to their account once there has been a lien placed on the property....Read More
Adreana Powers
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We are a subcontractor with a large project in Illinois. The last date of labor performed on this job was October 30, 2020. We are awaiting payment but the customer isn't responding to any of our attempts at contact. What options do we have?...Read More
Sarah Cudd
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Someone purchased a vehicle in my name and did not pay for it. It was repossessed. The company, Ally, put a $50,000 lien on my property. I want it off. It was illegally put on my property. I also want my credit cleared....Read More
Teressa Hagerman
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