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We sent a preliminary notice of intent to file a lien on this property for outstanding balance on repairs that we performed. We want to know if we have legal grounds to put a lien on this property?...Read More
Robyn Dunlap
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 20, 2022
I have a vehicle I did Work for a party at their home and they gave me a car for payment and now they’re refusing to give me the title and I put a lot of money into this vehicle...Read More
George Porter
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 20, 2022
I am looking for commercial construction cost per square foot by zip code. Specifically for Northern California...Read More
Royce Parker
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 19, 2022
I am a homeowner and released my contractor within 48 hours. He is placing a 20 prelim on my house and will not give me an invoice to pay for services. How do I dispute this to ensure a mechanics lien does not go on my property?...Read More
Candice Roberts
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 19, 2022
ArizonaCustomer Relationships
Hi, I have a lien under my name by previous landlord. Building was sold now I see there is 3 Lien under my name. Current landlord said he is not able to remove any lien that's not under his company name. My questions is Isn't he supposed to have all tenant information in place before he purchase? Is there something I can do to remove my name from that lien since they were satisfied? I'm from NYC...Read More
Crisladys Brujan
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 19, 2022
New York
nonpayment of a $15K job, lien record 4 jan22...Read More
Robert Gardiner
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 19, 2022
I have a lien in the next county against me, it is a district court lien valid for ten years that is 12 years old. I went to the clerk of court and asked to have it removed, she told me no she would not do that get a lawyer. I cannot find an authority to push at this clerk to make her do her job, AND don't really want to invest in a court challenge. So how do I make the clerk do her job? She admits the lien expired but says I have to go to the creditor to get a release....Read More
robert strickler
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 18, 2022
VirginiaCredit Processes
On the notice for Deloris wilcox home address the county should be Collin. Please correct for me to send second notice....Read More
Vino Paudel
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 17, 2022
I have bonds that are fully matured EE bonds and i acquired them from a storage auction. Can you provide me with any means of cashing them in?? ...Read More
james david
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 16, 2022
I have Spectrum internet paid by EBB, I sent this last check paid in full they cashed the check! (Isn’t the acct considered paid in full?) Nothing a is legal! I have all phone recordings, certified mail, etc. when your Add states NO CONTRACT,NO HIDDEN FEES, I am very knowledgeable of contracts etc. I have the paper from the mail as well, when you put something on the bottom of the back so tiny there’s no way to read it, that is hidden fees,correct! I am so sick of people doing people wrong! I don’t even have a full 30 day billing cycle it’s 18 days! ...Read More
Anita Tucker
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 15, 2022
AlabamaCredit Teams
I have some invoices that were to be paid, but now it looks like they are not being paid on time, or possible even paid. I was told that the invoices were to be paid, so I did not send a preliminary notice. My fault. They are a good customer, so I trusted them. Can I still file the bond? ...Read More
Stacy Campton
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 14, 2022
I’m sub contractor working in the property preservation business. I’m looking to collect payment on work completed, the company I did work has stopped payment. The work is in Illinois and Indiana. I would like to talk to someone via telephone or in person. I have multiple questions to ask. It would be easier to talk about it instead of typing it out. ...Read More
Glenn Mccrory
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 14, 2022
My 2019 leased car was  in for service at Dealership. I had a service loaner.  Communication from new svc advisor was horrible.  Woke  up Monday and loaner which I thought had been stolen, dealer had and taken, with no calls, no notification, nothing.   My bill for service is $650, and the service director is telling me I now owe them $9000 which is all fees for the loaner car.  Not like physical damages, but the rate like quadrupled per day case I violated rental terms.  I have been going there for years.  When they implemented the $20 per day fee I was never even charged it and I have been in there at least 6 to 8 times since that just because I was like there and they charge me one times $20 for the car for four full days.   The service director told me over the phone that they were going to possibly put a mechanics lien onto my Car, however here's the thing the rental agreement and my service agreement are two entirely different things.  I think he is blowing smoke up my ass to see how much money he can get out of me and telling me he's holding my car for the $9000 which is not legal because I can pay for my services which are $650.  I have gone over that rental agreement with a fine tooth comb and I just don't see any legal premise for them holding my car.   I think that my interpretation of what they're doing is correct I just need somebody to tell me it is so I can get my car out of there if they want to sue me for the rental car for those fees let them do it and I'll go to court and I know I will win.  The service advisor lying about how many times he contacted me and I pulled my T-Mobile phone records to prove how many times he contacted me. I still don't have an itemized detailing bill from them stating what I owe I called it in this morning they said they would send it in they still haven't my thought is because they probably know that what you're doing is illegal and I'm not sure what to do.  ...Read More
Tim Baker
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 13, 2022
Took on a small texture and painting job from a painting contractor. Bought materials and finished the job a month ago. Now the painting contractor is avoiding me, still trying to get paid....Read More
David Korte
Waiting for answerAdd commentJan 12, 2022