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Project Research

Accurate property data when you need it most

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Alya Gokturk

Scout Research saves us a ton of time and gives us confidence. The best research has been done by Levelset to make sure that we’re getting our notices to the owner properly.”

Ayla Gokturk, Credit & Collections Manager Waste Connection

Access the most comprehensive job data in construction for full industry transparency and vital project insights

Get instant updates about who is on your jobs

With the Levelset Job Tree, you have access to the latest industry data so you can stop wasting time hunting down property information, and focus on growing your business.

Bonding Info

Partner with an expert research team to confirm every job detail

The professional researchers on the Scout team have protected more than 1 million jobs by finding and verifying property information. Scout Researchers review each job you upload, and go above and beyond to ensure information is correct.

  • Searches through property records and web maps to track hard-to-find details
  • Makes calls and emails as needed to confirm property info
  • Ensures your documents are sent to the right people, with the right information
Meet the team of over 30 researchers
Scout Research team notifying customer about the address for the property owner on their job.

Use better data. Achieve better results.

Stay in-the-know

If details about the job site change, you’ll be the first to know with alerts from job and stakeholder monitoring.

Connect research to paperwork

Updated and verified property and owner details sync seamlessly to your notices, liens, and other payment paperwork.

Gain a sense of confidence

Scout Research matches your jobs against the most comprehensive series of construction project databases in the country.

Levelset Job Tree finds companies connected to a job

Joan no longer worries about notices being sent to the wrong people.

Joan no longer worries about notices being sent to the wrong people

I’ll just click that Ultimate Scout Research box in my Levelset account, and then I know that the job will get completely researched. The Levelset team will make sure that paperwork goes to all of the correct people. It’s so easy.”

Joan Elmore | Accounting Specialist at US Glass Company

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