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What’s new in October 2020

Get Alerted When Others are Having Payment Issues – Even if You Haven’t Added the Job to Your Account

Scout Research Preferences by Region


What’s new in September 2020

Assign User Roles and Email Preferences

Make anyone at your company a payment hero! With admin controls, your company’s users will have even more flexibility and control of your Levelset account and job settings.


What’s new in August 2020

Contractor Insights

With Levelset’s contractor profiles, you can now assess payment risk with hiring parties and contractors more effectively than ever before. These profiles provide payment history, user reviews and much more to help provide you with payment transparency.

Early Project Research

Request research early to help make informed notice sending decisions. Early Project Research gives you the option to request project information for jobs you’d like to know more about before you send any notices or documents within your account.


What’s New in July 2020

Scout Research Logs

Now you can see to what lengths the Scout Research Team went to find your missing job information. See which databases we checked, who was called and emailed, and what other efforts we made to track down information – all wrapped into a convenient reference point to help you resolve document notifications. It’s never been easier to see where your research comes from!


Updates to your Scout alerts


Easier payment conversations with your customers

Now when you send documents like Notices of Intent, Liens, and Pay Apps, your customers will be prompted to “Pay Now” and start a conversation with you so you can get paid faster.


Introducing new Scout Research highlights!

It’s now easier than ever to see what needs your attention. You can now see Scout highlights about how soon we need a reply from you so you know how time-sensitive each alert is. If you’re working on a specific project’s page, check out the “Actions to Take Right Now” bulletin. We’ve added flags in this section to highlight pending alerts that need your attention. “Confirm Details” here will take you straight into the new Scout Research Slider. Log in to your Levelset account to see what jobs need your attention.

Stay one step ahead on payments with the Lien Monitor tool

Stay one step ahead on your payment with the new Lien Monitor Tool. Now you can find out if a lien or Notice of Intent to Lien has been filed by other contractors and suppliers at the job you’re also on. That way you can be the first to know if payment issues are possible so you can take every step to protect your payment. Log in to your Levelset account to see which of your jobs might be facing payment issues.

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What’s New in June 2020

New deadline alerts

Never miss a deadline again so you’re always protected. We can let you know via email when you have a deadline approaching so you don’t miss a thing. Opt in to receiving these updates on a project-by-project basis by checking the “Email Notifications” box on the job summary page, or log into your account, go to Companies and Users > Email Notifications > and select your preferences!


  • Alerts are sent 10 days before your deadline so you have enough time to collect what you need and take next steps.
  • You’ll only get alerted on jobs that you add to your account manually (without an integration or spreadsheet import)
  • If you’d like to get alerts on all of your jobs, follow the email preference steps above
  • If you only want to keep up with certain jobs, you can opt-in on a case-by-case bases like this:


“Protected” & “Not Protected” statuses on jobs

Each one of your jobs now comes with a “protected” or “not protected” status so you know which are most at risk of nonpayment. You can also export a list of jobs considered unprotected (see video below). Log in to see which of your jobs are at risk!


  • These statuses are primarily based on the dates you enter into your account, the deadlines generated from those dates, and the documents sent from your Levelset account. If you sent a required document outside of Levelset, it might say your payment isn’t protected when it actually is.

Payment Alerts and Deadline Reminders Image

Scout Ultimate on demand

Now you can get an extra set of eyes on your jobs using Scout Ultimate on demand when you need more advanced research. Looking for a general contractor, lender, or bonding company? We’ve got you covered.


  • This is found on Step 5 when ordering a document within your account

scout ultimate on demand

Moved: Add File/Attachments Section

It’s been moved to a more intuitive place – in the project’s Research tab!

Try the new look!

We’ve been working on a new, cleaner experience. You can try it out in your settings menu.


  • You can switch back to the old view by clicking the wheel again and then “Return to Classic View”

new look of levelset

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