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Parties contracting directly with the property owner, on any residential project or residential improvement priced at more than $1000, are required by the Board of Contractors to deliver an “Information Notice to Owner of Construction Lien” to the property owner before work ever begins at the project. Original contractors are required to deliver this document, or may lose lien rights.

Oregon Information Notice to Owner Form

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What are our notice requirements when we're hired by a family member of the Property Owner?

We work on residential projects and are typically hired by a family member of the Property Owner (son, daughter, etc. of property owner). What notice...

Is it okay if I send the Oregon Information Notice to Owner after I start a project?

In my line of business, I get the call to start a new project and I'm on the job site day-of. We don't have time...

Can a handyman file a mechanics lien

In Oregon state law allows an unlicensed handyman to perform work, if the total of labor and materials is under $1000 for one project. If...

Is it required to send a notice of intent to lien before you file a mechanics lien?

Is it necessary for a general contractor hired by a property owner to send a notice of intent to lien before they file a mechanics...

We are providing materials, dump trucks and drivers for a hotel construction here in Oregon. The job site location address right now is 19710 NW Tanasbourne Dr., Hillboro OR 97124 and we were told that his address will change on 11-1-17 to 9790 NE Tanasbourne, Hillsboro OR 97124. My question is what job address I need to use to file an 8 Day Preliminary Lien now. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your help.

I am trying to file an 8-day preliminary lien

I’m trying to get a legal answer of when the “countdown” for the filing a claim starts in Oregon.

Due to the fact that Oregon has the shortest preliminary notice deadline in the country, it causes issues on the time necessary to complete the...

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