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What is a Lien Release?

Lien Cancellations and Releases can be a thorny and dangerous instrument, and unexpectedly so. Some states require that claimants release a lien after the claim has been satisfied or upon request, though most lien cancellations are filed by the claimant voluntarily and in exchange for payment or a promise of payment.

The fact, however, is that the exchange of money for a release is delicate. Claimants want the money before a release, and owners, lenders, or general contractors want the release before the money. What to do?

It is also important to note that a lien release or lien cancellation is not the same thing as a lien waiver, which is sometimes called a ‘waiver and release’. A lien cancellation removes a filed lien from the property’s title, whereas a lien waiver is used to waive lien rights before a claim is filed.

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