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Pre-Lien Notice Form

About Oklahoma Pre-Lien Notice Form

A PreLien Notice must be delivered to the property owner and original contractor by anyone who:

(1) did not contract with the property owner;
(2) is working on a non-residential project;
(3) when cost of work is more than $10,000. This notice must be sent within 75 days of last delivering labor and/or materials.

Oklahoma Pre-Lien Notice Form

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I hired a handyman to install spray foam insulation. He was paid in full prior to the project. He verbally told me he would be doing the work, his invoice states he will be doing the work, the invoice is under his name (not a company name). He (without my knowledge) hired another company to do the work. 73 days later this other company came to me door. I gave him the address and phone numbers for my handyman. He stated he wasn’t paid..and I thought it could be a scam. 85 days post install they filed a lien on my property. This was the first time I had the name of the company, and dollar amount. Is this lien valid? No pre-lien notice, they were not authorized to work on my property, my handyman did not have the authority to bring in additional people, and the amount this company charged was well over the expected price. Last, the work has unfinished repairs.

I hired a handyman to install spray foam insulation. He was paid in full prior to the project. He verbally told me he would be...

Are there legal implications for a materials supplier if they submit a Mechanic’s Lien without having forwarded the Prelim. This is for a residential job.

One of our employees submitted the Intent Notice instead of forwarding the Prelim. Now we are coming up on the Mechanics Lien due date. I'll...

Can a general contractor in the state of Oklahoma put in a contract that a subcontractor has no right to lien a job or pre lien a job

We filed a pre lien and in the fine print of our contract it says the subcontractor must keep the project free of liens. We...

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