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When performing work on an owner-occupied residential project, those who did not contract with the owner must deliver a Pre-Lien Notice to Owner of Mechanic Lien Rights to the property owner. When the work is on new construction (versus renovation/repair), the notice must also be recorded with the county.

Indiana Pre-Lien Notice to Owner Form

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How to I begin to recover money for Renovations i made to ex girlfriend home

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How long do you have in Indiana to file a lien after a project is finished?

A subcontractor did work on our land. He rented equipment from a Business to use on the job. We paid the Subcontractor in full. Then...

That’s a great question. Generally speaking, the date that materials are delivered to the project should be sufficient for the “start date” or “first furnishing” of a material supplier. It would be unlikely that a deadline for first furnishing would be based on the actions of a third party, plus sending a notice late tends to be a lot riskier than sending notice a little early. Of course, there may be some differences state-by-state, so let’s look at Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio’s notice requirements. First – Indiana. In Indiana, based on § 32-28-3-1, preliminary notices should be sent based on “the date of first delivery or labor performed”. Thus, it would appear that, in Indiana, it would appear that the time runs from when the material is actually delivered. Looking at Kentucky, the statute doesn’t really clarify what will count as “first furnishing” – so using the date when materials were delivered should be sufficient. In Ohio, under § 1311.05 of the lien statute, notice must be sent “at any time after the recording of the notice of commencement or amended notice but within twenty-one days after performing the first labor or work or furnishing the first materials…” Thus, notice may be sent at any point after the Notice of Commencement has been filed and will not be considered early, and the deadline for sending notice will be based on when material is furnished.

Thanks for the answer above. Just need clarification. So, I deliver material to my customer on September 1 who is a subcontractor for a job...

Does the clock start when the material is shipped to the subcontractor or when the subcontractor actually start working on the project? Thanks

We will ship material to a customer of ours but they may be delayed in starting the project they are hired to do. When does...

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