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Prime Contractors must deliver a Notice to Owner to the property owner before work begins on a project. It must contain specific information, and it must be served according to the statutory requirements. This notice is required to preserve the prime contractor’s lien rights.

Tennessee Notice to Owner Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Tennessee Preliminary Notice
What are our rights if we were hired by owner acting like a gc to lay hardwood floors no preliminary notice but stop pay

We are just my husband and I doing small side jobs and we agreed to do the work through text messages that I kept for...

What happens if I send a preliminary notice even if our contract states that we should not send them?

We work in 31 states nationwide. Many of our contracts state that we are not to send notices or anything else regarding lien rights. What...

I am in the state of TN and need to possibly file a lien. Would I start with the $49.00 notice? Should the notice be sent to the property owner as well?

We were hired as a Sub-Sub Contractor to do all the final cleaning for a New Hospital built in Kingsport Tn. The Contractor went though...

What is the deadline to file the lien?

Customer returned our equipment damaged, many repairs needed to be made. The customer paid all rentals and now owe us for a Repair Invoice (dated...

Tennessee Monthly Notice of Non-Payment

I am about to send out a Monthly Notice for March payment through Zlien. According to Zlien resources, Notice of Non-Payment must be provided to...

What type of retainage notice to the contractor/owner is required at the start of a contract in Tennessee?

Texas based company is doing work on a private job in Tennessee. The contract states that the agreement is governed by the laws of the...

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