Credit Management

You can find informative articles about credit management in construction on this page. The bottom line is that the construction industry largely relies on credit. Since most contractors furnish their labor and materials without paying up front, you could see why managing credit is super important if you work in construction.

The subject of credit management in construction covers a broad range of topics, such as construction accounting, monitoring cash flow and other KPIs, deciding which projects you want to make a bid on, which contractors you want to work with, drafting pay apps and invoices, and much much more. The payment chain on most construction projects is long, and when you look at any one of these topics paired with that fact, credit management and accounting in the construction industry gets complicated super fast.

Managing credit is no simple task, and many construction companies hire outside help just to keep everything in check. If you need help with credit management in the construction industry, you can browse the articles below to get started. Alternatively, you can take a look at the Expert Center page dedicated to construction management to further learn how to use credit management to get paid.

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