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When unpaid on a construction project in North Dakota, project participants may file a mechanics lien against the property.

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North Dakota Mechanics Lien Form

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FAQs about North Dakota Mechanics Lien Form

Recent Questions & Answers About North Dakota Mechanics Lien
What is the Code provision that states equipment supply co's only have lien rights if in direct contact with the owner?

I see in your online material that you have indicated that Equipment Supply co's only have mechanics lien rights if in direct contact with the...

How can someone place lien when we just received the bill 3 days eariler.

We hired a gentleman to clean up our basement after the septic backed up. We asked about how much he said less than $800. During...

How should I enter the project address if materials were not delivered to the jobsite? Would I still enter where the project is occuring, or the address where materials are delivered?

We have a job we are providing materials for. However, the shipment address is the same as the business that is buying the material, instead...

Can you lien a city owned project?

Doing a job for a contractor. The job is for a city. No problems just want to know for future if you can lien a...

Can I as an employee file to put a lien on a property I did work on but haven’t received a paycheck.

I worked for a construction company and I haven't been paid at all.

Does Levelset have options for equipment rental companies on oil & gas pipeline jobs in North Dakota?

I was with you guys before and you didn’t have anything to at that time. You mentioned you were working on it. What options are...

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