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In Alabama, a mechanics lien is called a Statement of Lien and it may be filed by any party who has not been paid for construction work on a project. This document is used to help contractors, suppliers, and others that work in the construction industry to get paid the money they’ve earned on their projects in Alabama.

There are two types of Alabama Mechanics Liens: the “Unpaid Balance Lien” and the “Full Price Lien.” This form may be used to file both types of liens.

An Unpaid Balance Lien is available to parties without a contract with the owner and is only effective to money in the hands of the owner at the time the Notice of Unpaid Lien is delivered to them.

A Full Price Lien is a lien in favor of general contractors or others in direct contact with the owner, or materialmen who gives a Notice to Owner prior to furnishing materials to the project.

Pro tip: Anyone who did not contract with the owner must deliver a Notice of Unpaid Lien to the property owner before filing a lien.

Fill out the form on the right to download your Alabama mechanics lien form. Use this form to easily that you can use to file a lien with an Alabama county recording office.

Alabama Claim of Lien Form

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