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If unpaid on a private (residential / commercial / industrial construction project in Hawaii, you can file an “Application for Mechanic’s and Materialmen’s Lien” against the property. The experience to filing a mechanics lien claim in Hawaii as a bit different than in other states because the filing opens a formal court proceeding on the lien claim.

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Hawaii Mechanics Lien Form

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Hawaii County Recorders

Looking to file/record a mechanics lien in Hawaii? You'll need to get your Hawaii mechanics lien filed and recorded with the county recorder in the county where the construction project is located. Here is a listing of all county recorders in Hawaii. Click on any county to find more information about how to get your lien recorded in that county.

First Circuit Court
777 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96213-5093
phone: 808-539-4303

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