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The construction or mechanics lien, known in Missouri as a Claim of Lien or Mechanics Lien Statement, and is filed on private construction jobs. Construction liens are available to parties who have performed labor or provided materials to a jobsite, and have not been paid.

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Missouri Mechanics Lien Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Missouri Mechanics Lien
How much time should I give the real estate agent until I can sue?

My husband is doing remodeling jobs for a property here in Missouri for this real estate agent. The contract stated that payments will be done...

what kind of lien can i file if i am not am not a licence contractor here in Kansas city Missouri?

Hi I have recently have done a clean-out job on a property here in Kansas city Missouri but i am a individual not a business...

What do I do to get paid for this situation

I had built some handrail for a guy it took me three days to do I paid for all the material the consumables Paint &...

Can more than one person or business have a lien on the same property

Friend wants to put a lien on his deceased father's farm because he has been taking off the land and house caught in fire so...

When is the deadline to enforce a Missouri Mechanic’s Lien, or, how long is my Lien effective?In Missouri, an action to enforce a mechanics lien must be initiated within 6 months after filing the lienDoes this mean you have to enforce the lien for payment within 6 month of filing the lien? If you do not do this is the lien still valid?

Lien was filed May 19, 2017. Is it still valid if It has not been enforced? What does it mean to enforce within 6 months...

what do i need to do to get a mechanics lien?

i am a mechanic i had a customer not pay me

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