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The construction or mechanics lien, known in Utah as a Claim of Lien, is filed on private construction jobs. Construction liens are available to parties who have performed labor or provided materials to a jobsite, and have not been paid. Click the button below to download a Utah Mechanics Lien form for free.

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Utah Mechanics Lien Form

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Can I sue for breach of contract and ask for loss of wages and damages?

I had an oral contract with a customer who I renovated a kitchen for. I purchased all material. We also had everything in text messages....

We placed a preliminary and then filed a lien on a property in Hope’s to get paid. The owner paid the contractor, but the contractor did not pay us a dime yet. What is our next step to be able to get paid?

We are a subcontractor that did cabinet work for a dental office and did not get paid. The contractor kept telling us, he was getting...

What if… GC forces us to sign CCO agreeing to credit before billing client and contract is “paid when paid”?

As subcontractor, we agree to install OSB on a section of ceiling instead of drywall as previously discussed. We agree to rush timeline in exchange...

Do i qualify for a lien?

My company provided consultng and budgeting services for a developer. We provided a modular constrction solution. The developer chose not go modular. We have an...

Can I file a mechanics lien on the project described below?

Gentlemen, I’m writing to request information related to filing a lien on an owner-occupied residence in the state of Utah for unpaid architectural and engineering...

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