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The construction or mechanics lien, known in Utah as a Claim of Lien, is filed on private construction jobs. Construction liens are available to parties who have performed labor or provided materials to a jobsite, and have not been paid. Click the button below to download a Utah Mechanics Lien form for free.

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Utah Mechanics Lien Form

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Utah County Recorders

Looking to file/record a mechanics lien in Utah? You'll need to get your Utah mechanics lien filed and recorded with the county recorder in the county where the construction project is located. Here is a listing of all county recorders in Utah. Click on any county to find more information about how to get your lien recorded in that county.

Box Elder
Box Elder County Recorder
1 South Main St
Brigham City, Utah, 84302
phone: 435-734-3300 press 3 then 1

Daggett County Recorder
95 North 1st West
Manila, Utah, 84046
phone: 435-784-3210

Davis County Recorder
P.O. Box 618
Farmington, Utah, 84025
phone: (801) 451-3225

Duchesne County Recorders Office
734 North Center Street
Duchesne, Utah, 84021
phone: 435.738.1166

Emory County Recorder
75 East Main St, Rm 104
Castle Dale, Utah, 84513
phone: 435- 381-3520

Kane County Recorder
KANAB, Utah, 84741
phone: (435) 644-2360

Salt Lake
2001 S State St #N1600
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84190
phone: 801-468-3391

Sevier County Recorder
250 N. Main Street.
Richfield, Utah, 84701
phone: 435-893-0410

Uintah County Recorder
147 E MAIN
Vernal, Utah, 84078
phone: (435) 781-5398

utah county recorder
100 East Center St. suite 1300
Provo, Utah, 84606
phone: (801) 851-8179

Wasatch County Recorder
25 North Main
Heber City, Utah, 84032
phone: (435) 657-3210

Washington County Recorder
87 N 200 E #101
St. George, Utah, 84770
phone: (435) 634-5709

FAQs about Utah Mechanics Lien Form

Recent Questions & Answers About Utah Mechanics Lien
I have filed a mechanics lien how do I try to collect payment now

We filed a mechanic lien but have not heard anything from the customer. do you guys do the service to collect the money that is...

Our contractor in Utah started project in July, filed a preliminary notice in December 23. Can he still put a lien?

We fired our contractor in January for non-performance. According to our contract with him, we owe $1700, but he billed us by unilaterally estimating a...

Can we file a mechanics lien when it turns out to be the tenant that signed our work auth?

We find three scenarios that keep coming up. 1st when it is a single family home and we assume it is the owner. When when...

Am I legally able to withhold final payment to my GC?

We have had significant delays with our home remodel. We are heading into our 6th month of a “3-4 month” project. Our GC tells us...

What steps do I take to have a lien removed from my home if it is invalid?

I had a lien placed on my home for unpaid bills by my contractor to the materials supplier. The preliminary notice was placed well after...

Can a business file a lien on a homeowner if the homeowner also owns the business?

If I purchase a home using hard money. My business loans me money for renovation costs. The intent for me to refinance with conventional funding...

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