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When unpaid on a construction project in Maine, parties who provided labor and/or materials may file a Notice of Lien against the property within 90 days from last furnishing labor and/or materials to the project.

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Maine Notice of Lien Form

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FAQs about Maine Notice of Lien Form

Recent Questions & Answers About Maine Mechanics Lien
Can an hourly laborer file mechanics lien even if I have paid him in full?

I am a home owner who paid an hourly laborer in full for all hours worked then told him I have no more work for...

When filing a Mechanic’s Lien do you need to send a copy to the home owners mortgage company or just the home owner?

We provided carpentry services to a home owner who now refuses to pay. We have sent all the required demands for payment and intent to...

Can I file a lien against a construction contractor that did not pay me for accounting services that I provided to him?

I was hired to provide consulting services which we agreed on a rate per month. I began the engagement and received my first payment about...

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