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Those who perform work on a construction project and are unpaid may file a Lien Statement (‘mechanics lien’).

Fill out the form on the right to download your Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Form. Use this form to file a lien in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Mechanics Lien Form

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Recent Questions & Answers About Oklahoma Mechanics Lien
How can I file a mechanics lien if the work was done in another state

Our company was a sub-contractor on a project in Missouri, installing and repairing poultry processing equipment with a contractor. Can we file a lien on...

I hired a handyman to install spray foam insulation. He was paid in full prior to the project. He verbally told me he would be doing the work, his invoice states he will be doing the work, the invoice is under his name (not a company name). He (without my knowledge) hired another company to do the work. 73 days later this other company came to me door. I gave him the address and phone numbers for my handyman. He stated he wasn’t paid..and I thought it could be a scam. 85 days post install they filed a lien on my property. This was the first time I had the name of the company, and dollar amount. Is this lien valid? No pre-lien notice, they were not authorized to work on my property, my handyman did not have the authority to bring in additional people, and the amount this company charged was well over the expected price. Last, the work has unfinished repairs.

I hired a handyman to install spray foam insulation. He was paid in full prior to the project. He verbally told me he would be...

How do I paid for my labor up to now.

If the homeowner kicked us off property three days ago and for a month now hasn't paid me any money. She has made comment I'm...

How do I proceed in getting a lien filed in this situation?

I am a property owner and hired a GC to work on my property. He took off with the down payment and never paid any...

What is the ML# on the forms?

We are using the OK lien form. Not sure what the ML# is.

How long can a mechanics lean stay on house

contractor did a job that he charged my wife for used material and she wants him to correct nd he said no. so she is...

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